ohay dj

juuuust kidding. i’m not cool enough to be an actual dj. lucky for me, in sl.. at least i can pretend. ;p


my look for today (or, to be more precise: my look for *yesterday* the 20th, as i was lazy and didn’t get around to photographing until it was technically the 21st already.. ^.^) all circles around the adorable new headphones && hair combo from magika and a cute, cute newly released dress from onyx wear.

the hair && headphones are all one attachment, which makes it amazing in my opinion. hats, headbands, headphones, even some of the horns that i so love to wear… all can get a bit *wonky* if not worn with the right hairstyle. and even then, sometimes certain poses or animations from my AO can make parts disappear into the mass of blonde hair on my head. so when i got notice that this hair was released as a combo-effort by magika && cobrahive, i immediately went and picked it up. i didn’t have to waste time trying to get the headphones in the *exact* right position to where they don’t disappear because it was already done for me. yaaaay! \o/

the headphones are color-change separately, so i could have had one ear be pink and the other ear be bright green. which would’ve been cute, but i went with solid pink. plus the star design on the headphones are very cute. this hair gets two thumbs up from me~ anything really that frees up an attachment point for me to wear other accessories by combining two pieces into one.. gets two thumbs up from me.

aaaaaaaaaaand the dress. as i mentioned, it is brand new from onyx wear. and this dress totally spoils you when it comes to options. in pink, i am currently wearing it as a mini dress with short sleeves. but! there’s a long sleeve option as well, with prim cuffs. and a completely different bottom to turn the dress into a jumper with rolled-up cuffs for shorts. and the belt? it is *also* included and is color-change with about a billion choices. lots of ways to mix && match one garment!


the rings i’m wearing are from lacie cakes && are a prize for the platinum hunt. for 10L, honestly, this hunt is a *cannot miss*.. if you haven’t done it, why the fuck not!? these rings alone are amazing and worth so much more than the tiny price to get them. the stones are color-change, the metallic parts are color change… you can even go further and tint the stones on top of the colored texture. plus the big ring on my middle finger has three *huge* square-cut stones && looks totally vintage. totally packin’ the carats on my hands with this set of rings.

my piercings are a new release from twee as well. verinne did *such* a lovely job on these && i love them because they are rainbow. raaaaaainboooowww!! the set i’m wearing, called harmony, comes with two different choices for rings at the nose.. and i know i’ve mentioned before about my love for septum piercings. <333 making it rainbow only doubles (see what i did there? double? rainbow? anyone..?) the *awesome* of these piercings.

so i’m colorful && i’m channeling, perhaps, a very.. quirky dj. hm..

/me starts singing.

“if god is a dj, life is the dance flooooor~ love is the rhythm, you are the music…”


get the look yourself:
skin; laq mima peach in makeup07 w/ blonde brow tattoo
hair && headphones; magika dejaine in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku give me poison
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in onyx
piercings; twee harmony
dress && belt; onyx wear bellerz dress in pink
jacket; coco cardigan in black
leggings; mv funky camo leggings (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
shoes; ubu porn star xtra high-tops
nails; candy nail basic nails in blue02
rings; lacie cakes glitteriffic multi-ring set (platinum hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
eye patch; cobrahive eye wrap in white (only 10L!)
horns; favole lorne

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