music always tends to play a role, one way or another, in how i put looks together to blog. it all depends on my mood && thus, what music i feel like listening to while playing around in sl. it’s very plausible that i’m always in touch with my *14* year old self and am still a rabid, but closeted *NSYNC fan.. and that can lead to cutesy, girly looks…

/me clears her throat…

but! today, the music <33 i’ve had stuck in my head all night last night && all day today miiiiight have had something to do with the look i’m about to blog.

such an amazing song, srsly.


sometimes, the best looks (i think) i’ve come up with have been from me just.. playing around with things in my inventory. it is a huge, bottomless sinkhole && a total mess, so there are times when i conveniently forget i own certain items until i search for something specific. so this dress i picked up a while ago from roots just sorta appeared from the abyss and i remembered exactly why i bought it: it’s sexy as all get out. zipped just low enough to be more than revealing, and the fact that the entire front is zippered means someone could come right along and bite on the zipper and pull it dow–…

whoa, where’d that come from? ;x


so the dress was my focal point for today’s look && even if the dress itself is hooded, after a little modification (for color), this hooded hair i’ve had *forever* from fit on top quite nicely. makes me look all mysterious~ ..or something.

please click to see it larger!

my wings are actually a gacha prize from sadistic hacker. i went there looking for hair && happened upon some really cute devilish accessories! \o/ i really lucked out, it only took me 5 tries to get the wings… aha. but they were so worth it. they’re flexi, so when i move.. they move (just like that?) and they remind me very much of morrigan from the darkstalkers video games. her wings are purple and so are mine!

i suppose zippers were also a theme for my look today, because the piercing i’m wearing from sissi makes it appear as if my lips are zippered shut. i know there are quite a few of my friends that wish that would happen forreals >_> but the piecing at least gives that effect. i picked it up a couple weeks back for fifty linden friday but it *should* still be available. i hope so anyway, i knoooowww you want it. 😉

so my choice in music inspired this look today && many, many of my past looks. it makes it kinda fun that way. especially when i go duurrrhhh braindead and can’t for the life of me figure out what i wanna blog. turn on some tunes and let the music *speak* to me. or at least, speak to my virtual closet…


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel elly chai in broken hearts bleed
hair; tabs in happy blonde (hood modded for color, made darker)
tattoo; dead carrot le cupake m’amour (subscribo gift)
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in onyx && grave
lashes; cheap makeup @ gacha festival liner + lashes double #10
piercing nose; buried basic piercings, septum (dollarbie)
piercing mouth; sissi silence is golden
tank; luck inc chemise top in black camo
dress; roots 00o10001
stockings; onyx wear thigh-hi black fishnets
hooves; epic fantasy fusion faun boots in stripey ties
horns; visavi shadow faun in leatherbound horns
tail; sanu succubus basics in black
wings; sadistic hacker sweet devil wings
nails; love soul silver french dark in black
necklace; fusion cord pendant necklace (platinum hunt prize)

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