comfy, lazy days

/me yaaawns ‘n stretches.

mm.. am lazy today.

kinda tired, kinda unmotivated.. just sorta wanna laze around the grid && be comfy. on days like this, my clothing *always* reflects it, both in rl and in sl. and what i just sorta threw together to wear in world (so, y’know, i wasn’t just runnin’ around nekkid) i thought was actually cute enough to blog.

so here it is! \o/


now i know, you’re probably thinkin’, “oh my gah, a sweater in SUMMER??”, but let me explain!! when you’re stuck in the air conditioning all day && you get cold *reeeaaalllyyy* easily like i do.. a sweater is not so out of the ordinary when the outside temp is 90+. :’D

plus, srsly, how cute is the top i’m wearing? it’s from narwhal && the panda.. it had me at hello. ❤

so i went with the cute theme, ’cause i like to be cute sometimes. and paired the cropped sweater with a tank underneath from friday that i wear all the time && short shorts i picked up for super cheap at demina design

cuppycake in mah mouf

my skin today is from pink fuel (which is quickly becoming my *favorite* for skins) && was actually a previous stumblebum brigade item. or maybe it was project themeory… well, anyway! the faun skin i’ve got on was available during whichever event it was made for 😉 and i missed out on it. BUT it’s back! and only 75L! i squealed a little on the inside and scooped it up pronto.

now while the skin comes without the cute nose-shading to make you extra faun-like, i decided to wear it with the cutecute nose && went shopping for some new faun accessories. when i stumbled into epic.. it was like coming home. faun bits, neko bits, pretty skins, accessories, clothes, faerie stuffs <33 was one of those times where i had to desperately find somewhere else to go and *fast* before i put myself thousands of lindens in debt.

but it was so worth it! my horns, feets && nomnom are all from epic. and the name is so very fitting for the store cause these pieces are indeed epic. tube sock faun hooves? yes? amazing. and the cuppycake in my mouth, it has a happy face on the icing. with only one tooth! how adorableee~

so i packed on the cute today, somehow, in my laziness. :3 i guess sometimes even on the most laziest of days, something extra kawaii can make you want to put forth *some* effort. after all, i could not be prancing around the grid in all my adorable splendor without overcoming my laziness… at least for a little while.

my favorite pose evar, from porcupine love
just.. y’know.. an fyi.

get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel basil shy fawn in maple
hair; truth roxana streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs cupcake
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in dreamy && grave
makeup; stellar designer liner duo in pink&&black
piercing; faux posh single gem nose stud in amethyst (my birthstone ;))
tank; layering tank in white
sweater; narwhal tuck me in panda sweater
shorts; demina design retro shorts in gray
horns; epic fantasy fusion faun horns
hooves; epic fantasy fusion faun tube socks
ears && tail; visavi shadow faun in leatherbound
nails; pulcino cherry blossom (only 5L!)
necklace; love soul soda float necklace in strawberry
ring; caroline’s jewelry strawberry cupcake ring
nom; epic kawaii cuppycake nomnom in strawberry (5L gacha)

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