not silver, not gold…

…but platinum!

the feeds have been *a buzz* about the platinum hunt that started a couple days ago. and with good reason!! the prizes are fan-fucking-tastic and worth so much more than the tiny 10L cost to pick them up.

last night bff vivi && i went through most (not all, hunting is tiring work after all..) of the stops and snagged a *ton* of awesome shit. my inventory, it is literally bursting with new shinies.

but while vivienne would be here to show off all the goodies with me, she has silly real world obligations (wtf are those?) && had to work tonight. sad face. ;( so it was all up to me to bring you two looks. and it was damn hard work!

so first… drow-vixxie:


two things different should probably jump right out at you. 1, i’m not blonde.. big shocker. O: and 2, i’m silver-skinned!

the skin is the hunt prize from mynerva and is so very pretty. the gift as a whole is generous — you get two different makeups && three versions of each makeup, eyeliner, eyes and the matching elven ears. the face on this skin… drop dead gorgeous.

and my hair, it is the prize from magika. i typically don’t *do* dark colors when it comes to hair, but it seemed fitting for this particular look. especially to match the purple in my dress, which is the hunt offering from plastik. with purple hair, i look like someone else i know (i’m lookin’ at you, nira *ahem*) but it’s such a lovely shade of purple && the decorative rhinestones… i dunno, any color out of the huge fatpack gift is a good choice. this time, i just picked purple!

you can see a close-up of my beautiful face ❤ in this skin, along with my piercings prize from ipoke. in the package not only do you get the facial piercings, but piercings for your wrists and clavicle and belly and… just.. a *ton* of piercings. awesome~

my bangles were the gift from sigma and while my candy nail nails aren’t a hunt prize, they were *very* inexpensive (33L!) and are a limited-time offering to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. there’s also two new lucky boards at candy nail, y’know.. just as a head’s up. 😉

for my second look…


…i am channeling some sort of elven marilyn monroe/lady gaga hybrid. i guess. \o/

i am gonna go out on a limb && say that this blazer from atomic is by far my favorite prize from the platinum hunt. there’s a black version included in the package as well as the silver one i’m wearing. it should be no surprise that i love jackets, especially well-made jackets with lots of detail and easy-to-work-with prim attachments and this blazer… mm, is divine. i love the jeweled lapels && the cut of it and the fact that it was a two for one kinda deal makes it *that* much more awesome.

so underneath it, i decided to wear the bodysuit prize from sassy kitty. it also was a two for one, almost.. because there’s a solid silver suit included in the prize too. but! it *also* came with leggings and while i’m not wearing them, they are cute and match nicely with the top!

the shoes i’ve got on are the prize from heart & sole and made me a little giddy on the inside. they aren’t just pink, as i’m wearing them. ohhhh no. the shoe itself is color-change, the jewel is color-change, the metal bits are color-change, the toe nail polishes are color-change… for 10L, it’s like getting a gabillion shoes for an extremely piddly price. and they’re hot as hell, too!

my piercing for this look is also a hunt prize, from skream. as is my hair, from exile, that came in a huge fatpack too. and my necklace as well was the prize from ha!. the nails i’m wearing for this look, again, aren’t a hunt prize but… i love them. :3 and matched far too nicely not to wear. they are from love soul && include the pretty matching ring.

long post today, i know, but there was a lot to talk about! and it’s a shame i didn’t have vivi with me to show all the platinum goodness off. ;/ i *will* rope her into posing with me again soon…

/me grumbles about stupid work.


all poses used in photography today are from doll and are prizes from the platinum hunt, too!

get the looks yourself:
purple && black ::
skin; mynerva platinum blue lips w/ black eyeband (platinum hunt prize)
hair; magika diamond in purple (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; nosotr@s imperio (ink’d up hunt prize)
eyes; mynerva soulheart eyes in ceruleana (platinum hunt prize)
eyeliner; mynerva platinum drow eyeliner (platinum hunt prize)
ears; mynerva platinum drow ears (platinum hunt prize)
piercings; ipoke bautalia (platinum hunt prize)
dress && corset; plastik platinum hunt dress w/ ambrice corset (platinum hunt prize)
bra; t junction platinum glitzy bikini (platinum hunt prize)
ankle cuffs; luck inc ruffled cuffs in black (platinum hunt prize)
shoes; cynful platinum hunt flats (platinum hunt prize)
nails; candy nail anniversary in purple
collar; cobrahive metaru collar (platinum hunt prize)
bracelets; sigma sani bangles in charcoal (platinum hunt prize)

silver && black ::
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; exile samara in harlow (platinum hunt prize)
tattoo; para designs timeless
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in magical
makeup; stellar designer liner duo in purple/black
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; skream likes to modify (platinum hunt prize)
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
bodysuit; sassy kitty diamonds bodysuit in black (platinum hunt prize)
jacket; atomic ritzy blazer in silver (platinum hunt prize)
leggings; fishy strawberry fisher leggings in black
heels; heart & sole sassy platinum (platinum hunt prize)
nails; love soul brilliant metallic in silver
necklace; ha! mustache pearls (platinum hunt prize)

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