grab on & hold tight

can’t really explain the title other than.. it’s what one of my tattoos today makes me think. ;p

can you tell which tattoo i’m talking about?


yeah, i’ve got skeleton hands getting pretty fresh with my bewbies, but that’s okay with me. sometimes a little groping is a totally welcome gesture, especially when it comes in tattoo form. haha. and the reason i’m wearing said tattoo, that came from virtual insanity is two fold.

reason part one: my top is actually a dress i picked up from t.whore and it leaves the nips delightfully exposed. and what skin isn’t exposed by the dress is covered only slightly by the sheer, wet-looking fabric. and i wanted something to.. y’know… leave me *somewhat* modest, and the skull hands are not your everyday pasties.

reason part two: i wanted to draw attention to my chest. not ’cause i have a lovely one (though, yeah, i do, but that’s not the point), but because the necklace i have on is amaaaaaaaaazing. and the skeletor hands definitely draw attention to one’s chest, hm?


my look today is *all* about the accessories. and said amazing necklace, and piercings too, are courtesy of hod. last friday i blogged the 50L offering from hod in the form of the fallen necklace. and today, the beautiful aydan darcy released version two of both the necklace && the piercings.

the texture and detail work on both pieces are phenomenal. i knew there was a good reason why hod is one of my favorites for body jewelry. šŸ˜‰ the piercings (shown here in the razor texture) are so damn sexy, i can’t even stand it. the little cross on the lip && the triple nose rings, oh.. love it so hard. ā¤

my rings today as well are a bit of a tease for a new release from iced. both of my rings were made specifically for the fashion house and that doesn’t open until the 10th. but i *had* to show these off. the jewels are texture change && it was impossible to show it in a photograph but if you pick these up and zoom in reeeeeeeeeally close.. the texture actually animates and sparkles. gorgeous! and adds so much depth to the already beautiful pieces.

plus, i’ve got on new horns \o/ from bubble that i saw && immediately fell in love with. even if your eyes (probably) are drawn right to the titties, to me… this look is absolutely all about the fantastic accessories. <33


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember gyaru in sea
hair; maitreya sasha in beach blonde
tattoo 1; virtual insanity perv dead boi tat
tattoo 2; huz veritas
eyes; negaposi mystic eyes in grave && universe
piercings; hod fallen v2
top; t.whore summer dress in white
corset; sassy kitty underbust leather corset in gray
pants; ha!/urbanity ripped skinny pants in gray
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in black
belt; acid&mala white belt w/ pryamid studs
necklace; hod fallen v2
bracelets; moloko handcuffs stampede (dollarbie)
rings; iced @ fashion house lorelei rings (not open until august 10th!, open now, gogogogogo! ;))
horns; bubble synthetic horns set
gloves; sini style black gloves (part of “manhandled” set)

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