one word, yeah, it says it all. the only thing i could think of (other than maybe hdjshfjskdjfh) when i saw these shoes from pixelfashion was boots. booooooooooooots. amazing, hothothot boots that i am *so* in love with.


oh my gawwwwd, they are so sexy i want to lick them. yummy boots. ❤ so i built my look around them because there was absolutely nothing else i wanted to wear more than these knee-high, skull-hand, strapped and buckled boots. *u*

so since my boots were ridiculously awesome and sexy, i paired them with a patterned minidress i snatched up from loulou&co for fifty linden friday this past week. yellow is usually not my color, but it’s not really *yellow* as it is.. maybe.. a grayed out, more-green version of yellow. and i am totally okay with that. plus the pattern is very cute and it comes with a billion options. in fact, the top part of the dress can actually be worn as a bodysuit with yeah, i love.


my piercings are from mandala && i cannot tell you how many times i’ve eyed them. i can always make room for more piercings in my inventory, but i’m not sure what i was so hung up on over this set. because i know mandala’s jewelry is *always* quality and beautifully done, and these piercings are no exception. the lip piercings alone make them worth it, there’s so many rings stuck through my lip and the texture is delicious. nomnom. ❤

the nails i’ve got on are a *new* release from love soul. it’s probably no secret that i am a whore for prim nails. i love them long, i love them decorated, i love them with rings && matching bracelets, with color-change options, with bling (as in, rhinestones && jewels attached to the nails, not the flashyflashy script-bling) and without… and love soul definitely makes some incredibly awesome nails. but i saw these and bought ’em up before i could even demo. the little skull faces remind me of jack skellington from the nightmare before christmas and it prayed on a weakness of mine. i adore these, so very cute~

plus the skull faces on the nails matched the creepy skeleton hand holding my heel on my boots. \o/ did i mention how much i love these boots? because if i haven’t said so enough already, I FUCKING LOVE THESE BOOTS.

the statement is in caps, so you know i’m serious. 😉


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor sunkissed in feline
hair; truth penny streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs cosmic garden
eyes; ibanez ethereal eyes in cactus (subscribo gift)
makeup; glamorize glitzy eye makeup in gold
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; mandala takayama piercing
dress; loulou&co graphik dress in yellow (past 50L friday item)
stockings; league ella stockings in black w/ black garter
boots; pixelfashion devil boots in black
collar; favole melancholy
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
nails; love soul lovely skull in silver
wings; illusions demon headwings
bracelets; mariposa aubade bangles in silver && turquoise (lucky chair prize)

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  1. SweetDeb Kips

     /  08/08/2010

    This look is very very put together… love the tats & piercings!


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