dun nun… dun nun…

dun nun… dun nun.. dun nun dun nun dunnundunundunundundundunududn..

shark week totally makes me wanna watch jaws. anyone else? \o/ one of my favorite movies, i think i’ve probably seen it eleventy billion times exactly.

anyway! shark week && jaws have absolutely nothing to do with my look today, i just have been glued to my television all day watching it. 😉


my look today revolved all around two things. one, the cuuuute shorts i spied at nv (that come with a matching top too, not worn) && one of the *new* upper-body tattoos i picked up at my pinkie skull. really awesome clothing at mps and quality tattoos? hellooooo, new favorite store. ❤

i wanted to wear something revealing enough to show off the sexy ink && while i was seriously tempted to blog pasties and some high ass heels and nothing else but the tatt ;D i decided to go with a sort of.. skater-inspired look? i guess it’s skater, i dunno. it’s cute and i like it, that’s what it is.


i’ve owned this belly ring from loulou&co for a little while now && never seemed to find an outfit appropriate enough to wear it. it’s not like i’ve not flashed some skin here on my blog before, and it’s not because i don’t love the piercing (cause any piercing typically = love for me, no matter what!), but it just seemed to *fit* with the look i was going for today.

plus.. my skin, from candy doll, probably has the sexiest stomach on any of the skins i own, so it was a win-win to show off my belly aaaaaaand the dangly double piercing.

my hair today is from buried and is actually.. a hair for males rather than females. but the two-toned look was far too good for me to pass up && the textures are really well done. i may or may not have gone a little crazy and snatched up a bunch of short, butch new hairstyles for myself while i was there. *ahem* i love the long, sexy hair but sometimes… wearing it short && cropped can be just as hot. amirite?

sort of a simple look && post for today, but i am feeling reeeally lazy. so i suppose it’s a good thing i got a post up at all. especially since shark week is so addicting. @_@ makes me never wanna swim in the ocean again, but addicting all the same~


get the look yourself:
skin; candy doll denisa tan in purple
hair; buried zeth in platinum && midnight
tattoo upper 1; my pinkie skull your geisha
tattoo upper 2; aitui no no no (freebie)
tattoo lower; kanival phoenix
eyes; umedama holic frozen eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 11
piercings face; ipoke kai
piercing stomach; loulou&co aspara
tank; onyx wear lifted top in zebra
suspenders; league grandad braces in black&&silver w/o creases
shorts; nv pantaka in black (part of a set)
shoes; ninety nine high-heel sneaker in wild black
nails; pulcino twinkle star nail (only 5L!)
scarf; roots 00a10008 w/ safety pin
gloves; fri.day arm warmers in black (modded for color, made a little darker)
belt; cobrahive pentagram belt
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded

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