kill meee~ee ♫♫

i begged and love said no
leave me
for dead and let me go
kill me
i cried and love said no
kill me
i cried and love said no

my title for today is totally inspired by the simple fact that my awesome hat has a heartagram on it. and that makes my insides giddy, because him is one of my favorite bands of all time.

of all time!!!!!

ville valo is particularly delicious too, but thinking about *that* for too long will get me way sidetracked..

rock out with me while i show you my ass look for the day.


when i showed bff vivi the outfit i was planning on blogging today, she told me i looked like a demon dominatrix. which, i suppose, i sorta do *cough* but really, i was going for an officer vixxie, reporting for duty, porn-star-version kinda look. y’know, to match the officer’s cap i’m wearing that i picked up from sini style. the only thing i’m missing is a pair of handcuffs… >;D ohoho~

so with my cap, i decided to wear a bodysuit-like jumpsuit i bought from ad while doing the addiction hunt. i never did find the hunt prize there, haha, but the jumpsuit totally makes up for it. it’s beyond sexy and i for one have no problem whatsoever running around the grid in something that looks akin to a bathing suit for clothing.


i’m wearing the succubus tail again (as well as the eyes && horns from the set) from sanu because i honestly have a hard time taking it off. ;/ there’s just something i really, really like about having the demoness parts attached. plus they are incredibly well made and nicely textured. someday, all the colors will be mine. then i can always be succubus-vixxie, muahahahha–..


the vest i’ve got on overtop the jumpsuit is from niniko && slowly, but surely, that entire store is finding it’s way into my inventory. i love the prim work on clothing from niniko && this vest is *completely* sculpted. no clothing layers at all. it is fantastic. the texture is lovely and the shape is realistic… full of detail right down to the dangly belted pieces across the chest. mm mm mm ❤ love it.

a tattoo from sn@tch, my most beloved combat boots from the abyss && a darker, gorgeous skin from plastik completes the look in ways most badass. all i need, really, are a pair of headphones with which to jam to him all night..


get the look yourself:
skin; plastik lionheart tale in cirrus pout (previous 50L friday item)
hair; deena in happy blonde
tattoo; sn@tch zhora’s python
eyes; sanu smoldering succubus eyes
makeup; porcupine love running mascara
piercings; twee diamond
bodysuit; identity d3n!m jumper in black
vest; niniko full sculpt vest vol.2 in black
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights w/ panty in black rip
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
tail && horns; sanu succubus basics in black
nails; candy nail magic of witch in black
necklace; fusion @ SOL fair rosary necklace (freebie)
bracelets; blitzed spike bracelet in black (old hunt prize, not sure if it’s available anymore!)
hat; sini style ss officer cap in gray w/ heartagram
gloves; c.smit satin gloves no.1 in black
ears; plastik elven ears in tale (previous 50L friday item)

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