friendly reminder

the summer of love fair is slowly winding down. it’s only open until august 8th, which means there’s only *four days* left to delight in the amazing exclusives offered there.

i’ve already blogged lots’a goodies i’ve found at the fair, but the two i’ve got to show you today are one of my favorite things evar: skins!

one of the skins i’ve featured before from the fair, by candy doll, is gorgeous and bright and summery and lovely. as usual. ❤ but candy doll skins aren’t new to me, i own many && love the brand (and rebeca dembo) dearly.

but! rockberry && mynerva are both brands i’ve heard of many many manymany times and never tried. which, honestly, was so *silly* of me because these skins? fucking gorgeous.

first up, mynerva ::

in the butterscotch skintone
makeups from left to right ::
sunshine, summer nights && candy floss

the mynerva skins are so, so pretty. there’s two skintones offered, one lighter (shown here) && one a little more tanned. i *adore* the glossy, extra shiny lips && the different lip colors. super dramatic eye makeup ❤ with these brows… they’re a little bushy and in my opinion, are absolutely perfect. i love the way the brows look and these skins as a whole are beautiful.

aaaaaaand rockberry ::

skintones from left to right ::
light, natural && tan

rockberry’s skin at the fair, called kalista is also perdy. the face on this skin is *flawless*. smooth and perfectly highlighted, with a lovely makeup. i like the nude lip && the contrasting eyeshadow, it’s both glam and casual all in one. i typically wear paler skintones, or in summer.. sunkissed or lightly tanned. but i gotta say, the darker skintones (tan shown here && dark not shown) are stunning!

so if you haven’t yet had enough of the summer of love fair, i *highly* suggest another go around. when i visited last night (for the 243823987834th time), i noticed all sorts of things i’d looked past my first thousand times at the venue. there’s lots of awesomeness packed inside the fair and, as i said, it ends soon!

snatch up these goodies while you can~

other stuffs:
skins; rockberry && mynerva @ SOL fair
hair; truth keeley streaked in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku la virgen de guadalupe
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave && venus
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; twee diamond (now in-world!!! *noms on verinne* <3)
tee; beauty killer i’m fat shirt (midnight mania prize)
hair clips; lcky demon wing hair clips in black
necklace; hod mercenary necklace
earrings; iced gemstone stud earrings

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  1. Verinne Ansar

     /  08/04/2010

    *noms back* oh pretty lady, you are delightful ❤


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