second life succubi

i’m not sure whether or not bff vivi actually *enjoys* posing with me for my blog. i’m a little bossy šŸ˜‰ and it can take a while and it’s probably not the most exciting thing to stand on a pose stand, without any clue of how the picture is going to eventually end up looking.

but! when we look as evilly cute as we do here, i can’t imagine it would be *hard work* to pose with me~


these two looks all started after i took a trip to sanu, searching for an accessory for a look i’m doing tomorrow (that i’m *so excited* for, i love it!). but while at sanu, vivienne && i stumbled upon a set of succubus avatars. complete with wings, whip, ears, horns, hooves…. they were so cute that i could not resist.

and from there, i got the idea to dress as faun/succubi with vivi, in black and white. the way both looks turned out, oh i’m in looove <33


my look includes the succubus bits that vivi && i both picked up at sanu. with it, since we both own it in different colors, i’ve got on a sexy as *hell* dress from suicidal unborn.

for accessories, i’m wearing horns && a blindfold that i picked up from illusions. slowly, that entire store is finding it’s way into my inventory, haha. but the prim detail and textures are so lovely. and reasonable prices… srsly… cannot get better than that.


vivienne is *supposed* to be the good half of our succubus-twins, but she doesn’t really look all that angelic, does she? it’s okay though, cause i think i like her look even better than i like my own.

her legs, ears && tail are from pera from the summer of love fair. the entire set is *cute* and ridiculously low-priced. if you’re interested in faun avatars like we are, you should definitely scoop this set up.

she finished her mirrored-but-not look with an eyewrap && necklace from cobrahive, a tattoo from para designs, and one of the gorgeous new hair releases from truth.

while dressed like this, it gives me an excuse to be extra mischievous. i mean, it’s not like one would expect a succubus to be appropriately mannered, am i right?

anyone know a couple child avatars i could terrorize? >;D

vivi is feeling mischievous too, apprently.
look at her playin’ grab ass! ;p

get the look yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 3
hair; truth brit in swedish
tattoo; garden of ku neo3
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave (even if you can’t see ’em!)
tears && teeth; porcupine love bloody tears + vampire teeth
dress; suicidal unborn summer dress in black
blindfold; illusions silk blindfold
hooves; visavi shadow faun in leatherbound
horns; illusions sibirica horns
ears, tail && wings; sanu succubus basics in black
bracelets; sini style manhandled in rusty
necklace; fusion @ SOL fair rosary necklace (freebie)
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; league taylor sunkissed in silverlining
hair; truth vera streaked in crow
tattoo; para designs beautiful bouquet
eyes; sanu smoldering succubus eyes
dress; suicidal unborn summer dress in white
eye patch; cobrahive eye wrap in white w/chain
hooves, ears && tail; pera @ SOL fair le faune in pure
horns; illusions snarl horns
wings; illusions chibi angel wings
necklace; cobrahive sabishinju necklace
nails; candy nail birth stone nails in pearl/june

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