bubble gum && cotton candy

…are not only delicious but fun to wear!

in color choice, that is.

i’m not sure what sort of creature i’m supposed to be today, but it definitely reminds me of a technicolor fennec fox. and waaaaahhh, those little guys are so cute. *u* which makes me cute too by default, right?


i know there’s a whole lot going on with my avatar today, but i’ve come across *so many* adorable things lately in second life that they all just sorta.. found their way onto me today in one way or another.

so first! probably the biggest change for me today: hair. it takes quite a lot for me to switch out of my bright, white-blonde hair color and this style, enix, from truth looked just as cute with my look today in swedish blonde as it does in bubblegum pink. but. every once in a while, it’s nice to change things up a bit. and i gotta admit, the pink added a little somethin’ extra to the whole… so sweet && adorable i wanna punch myself sorta outfit i put together today.

as for clothing, the purple overall jumper from paperdoll just seemed fitting, period. and it looked nice when worn over the rainbow heart tee i picked up for one linden at tres blah a little while ago. with the color palette i started to work with, bright purple && blue leggings from evie were an obvious choice, as were the cute cuffed hot pink socks i picked up from boom.


my accessories today are, probably, my favorite part of this look. these ears from canterbury creative were just… too… fucking… cute. and the bright pink tips made them even more irresistible. even if i didn’t have a tail to match, haha, or any other fluffy bits to plop on, i had to wear them. they are *so* big and *so* bright and i have no idea why, but i adore them. <33

two of my other accessories are from katatonik. first, the necklace. little orange tabby kitty, stuffed in a pink box and hung around my neck. it sounds.. sorta cruel, but he looks happy at least? 😀 and the boombox, which i picked up at the gacha festival ❤ last go around, i honestly lucked out with. first try, i got exactly the panda boombox i wanted. there was much victory dancing at albero that day.

along with my socks, the chibi teal wings are also from boom and are *free* from the lucky board there. i’ve had them stashed away in my inventory for a while now and they were absolutely perfect for my look today. feathery wings with an attached chain that dangle puffed hearts down the back… yes, it was kismet.

some more goodies from the gacha festival are my cupcake ring && bracelet, from caroline’s jewelry && loulou&co respectively. and the polaroid in mah mouf, which holds an old picture of bff vivi (but was appropriate, at least, in color scheme!), is from one of the lucky chairs at love soul.

lots of cuteness packed on, in, and around me today. and it can be a good thing, every once in a while. i likes the cute, and the bright, and the piiiinnkkk. but only in moderation. 😉


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel @ harajukubox skin fair ember gyaru in violet
hair; truth enix streaked in bubblegum
tattoo; para designs goth candy
eyes; mcskin bm eye (past lucky board prize, not sure if it’s still available)
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
piercings; creatives cryodream
tee; tres blah heart top (dollarbie)
dress; paperdoll suspender mini in grape
leggings; evie star fishnet leggings in purple (dollarbie)
socks; boom cuffed socks in hot pink
sneakers; soreal superstars in white && black
nails; sini style faded black nails
necklace; katatonik orange katty gift necklace in pink
bracelets; loulou&co @ gacha festival summer bracelets in pink
ring; caroline’s jewelry @ gacha festival strawberry cupcake ring
ears; cantebury creative spaz ears in white fantasty tips
boombox; katatonik @ gacha festival panda boombox in dark pink (was there previously, unsure if it’s available anywhere else! :()
nom; love soul polaroid frame (lucky chair prize)
wings; boom aranel’s diamond heart wings in teal (lucky board prize)

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