gacha gacha

the gacha festival… is so, so awesome.

not only is everything nice && cheap, but! there’s some sort of… exciting thrill i get out of gambling with those little gumball machines. will i get the pink shoes or the blue ones? will i get the earrings i want? will i find someone who wants to trade with me? can i get the whole set? will i be lucky? what if i try 15 times and still don’t get the one i want? do i really need 55 pairs of headphones?! @__@;

but that’s the fun of it \o/ and i spent most of my afternoon, off and on, browsing all the stalls with new stuffs. i’ve included a couple things i picked up from the miles of gachas, but of course i picked the tiniest of those items to wear today.. haha.


as for clothing.. i’m wearing one of the cute lazy sweaters from pig. i’ve always kinda eyed them since they came out, wondering what i’d wear it with or how i’d work it into an outfit, or what color would i buy… but today, i finally bit the bullet. and why? because it was 25L and not one part of me can resist an amazing deal like that. it suckered me in, but these sweaters are awesome. so it’s okay.

underneath, i’ve got on a corset from sn@tch. other than a good deal, i also cannot resit a cute corset. i’ve accumulated *so many* over my years in second life that it’s rare i find one that i don’t already own something similar to. but the pack of corsets that include the one i’m wearing today have different bodices, one in plaid ❤ and a couple animal prints <33 and since sn@tch makes such nice stuffs anyway, i caved.

if i found a fatpack of corsets that were also ridiculously cheap… that’d be, like, my ultimate kryptonite. D;

but what i began this post with, the goodies from the gacha festival:


my ring && the teabag in my mouth (oh, the dirty places my mind goes when writing that phrase…) are both from gachas.

the ring is a fortune cookie(!!) with a little dangly fortune-paper that has a heart drawn on it. loooooove it. and the flavor of tea i got is blueberry, yumyum. it makes me kinda wish for a glass of tea rather than just the teabag, but the blueberries inside the bag are cute and make up for it.

i also went a little nuts over the headphones from katatonik and the nails ❤ from u&r dogs at the festival. and there’s even a rocket ship you can ride in one of the gachas, too. bff vivi && i had *so* much fun with those riding around my home sim, eheh.

we may or may not have accidentally stumbled upon and disturbed a couple in the.. ahem… throes of passion while we were zipping around in the air on said space ships, playing dumb gestures && lmao-ing all over the place….

/me coughs.



get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola sunkissed in makeup 4
lipstick; lelutka lola lipstick in dark
hair; truth rylan streaked in swedish
tattoo; huz loveluck
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercing; buried basic piercings septum (dollarbie)
corset; sn@tch laced corset in black/zebra
sweater; pig lazy sweater in asphalt
jeans; suicidal unborn ripped xlaw jeans in black
boots; miel far boots
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded
nails; candy nail basic nails in pink 01
ring; lp @ gacha festival fortunate in love ring
nom; a.d.d. @ gacha festival teabag in blueberry

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