omg lol

i think today i’m actually posting *on* the day i meant to, rather than after midnight on the next day.

yaaaaay for being productive! ;P

this look started out completely different, but the more i browsed a few of my favorite stores… the more things changed. pieces were switched out, accessories were added on or taken away, things were removed altogether.. until i got to this. i think i began with a corset and a pair of jeans xD but .. well… see for yourself how different things turned out:


i still like it tho, so it’s a win. even if my look evolved from one extreme to another.

even if it’s a little obstructed by my jacket, the shirt i am wearing today from c.smit actually says omg lol. a lot of the clothing i buy && wear in second life is solely because it amused me. whether it’s a cute print, or a funny saying, or it reminds me of something else that *also* amused me… i have a ton of stuff stashed in my inventory that’s there only because it made me giggle. and this tee, literally, made me lol so i had to buy it.

plus, the cute colors on the tee let me go a little out there with the rest of my outfit! \o/

the shorts i’ve got on are from khush. i swear, i went through every pair of shorts in my inventory that i’ve *not* already blogged, then searched through many many (manymanymany) stores trying to find some shorts that were not too short. with a longer tee, i needed the shorts to have some length… otherwise they’d be invisible under the hem of the top. and what’s the point of wearing shorts if you can’t even see ’em? i could’a just worn panties instead if i was going for that look, haha. but i was pleasantly surprised to find these shorts were not only long enough to show underneath the top, but were also cuuuute *and* ripped up. the stitching on them is even bright pink, it made me happy~


one of the new hair releases from truth fit perfectly with this outfit, simply because the headband is color-change. when i bought it (and yeah, i never demo truth hair anymore — i already *know* i’m gonna love it), i thought both the headband and the flower changed at once. but oh no, you can texture change them both separately. was an awesome discovery, ’cause i like the pink band && the yellow flower.

other accessories today include another tattoo from endless pain, some fabulous nails from mstyle && a pair of very nicely-made wrist cuffs from hello dave. the bracelets come in several color choices and the shells && beads on each bracelet are color-change too. i love that so many of my accessories today could be colorized to “match”. and i say match in a very loose sense of the word, i pretty much made everything as colorful as i possibly could. eheh.

plus! i am loving that there are so many makeup face tattoos out there. the one i’ve got on with my taylor skin is from dulce secrets && it is not just eyeshadow or just lipstick, but both together. with tattoos like these, skins become even *more* versatile. because the version of taylor i’m wearing is, currently (though i’d like to see that change ;)), the only choice with blonde eyebrows. but having one makeup choice in a skin is no longer a problem when i can kinda sorta make my own. the tattoo layer, i loves it. <3333


get the look yourself:
skin; league @ harajukubox skin fair taylor blonde sunkissed in feline
hair; truth christina in swedish
tattoo; endless pain corset piercing tattoo
eyes; ibanez blue eyes (freebie)
makeup; dulce secrets diva face 4 (previous subscribo gift)
piercings; hod bitten
tee; c.smit longshirt omg lol in black
jacket; wasted youth cell block blazer
shorts; khush shortie jeans in blue
heels; heart & sole cosmo
nails; mstyle perfect hands in long nails
necklace; beetlebones sculpted starfish necklace in sea green (freebie)
bracelets; hello dave @ SOL fair cowry shell cuffs in turquoise && green
ears; visavi epigon ears in studded

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