so i know i mentioned in my post about being a neko with my best friend that i *also* love faun avatars.

fantasy, for me, is a large part of my second life. i mean, it’s not like i can magically grow pointed ears && sprout a tail in my first life (though that’d be fucking awesome if i could, haha).. but in sl, i can. experimenting with different skins, different hair, different clothes and different body-bits is a large chunk of the fun for me.

and today, i bring you a vixxie/faun hybrid~ 😀


can i just say, first of all.. how *adorable* is that tail? seriously. it even wags, like i’m a happy faun! \o/ my look for today centers around that tail, actually. and the horns too, both of which are from visavi. the set they come from includes absolutely everything you need to faun-i-lize your avatar, from the hoofs up to ears && horns. i decided to wear just the tail ❤ and the horns…

…because i found these hoofed boots from nv and about died. the furry parts right above the hoof are color-change, but the boots as a whole are looooove. they give your legs that unmistakable curve that goat’s legs have and come with about a billion belts && buckles wrapped around them.


as for accessories, i chose a pair of barbed-wire wrapped gloves from sinistyle && some cute as hell headphones from favole. i unfortunately didn’t photograph it, but the back of the headphones have little dangly charms attached. adorable.

my tattoo today is a *freebie* from endless pain. as hunt prizes go, for me.. you cannot do any better than tattoos && this tattoo is very nice. it’s not quite blue, not quite black, and comes full body (though i’m only wearing the upper portion) which, of course, plops endless pain right up there with my favorites for ink. generous gifts like this make me want to come back and spendspendspend. just sayin’.

so today i’m a music-lovin’, tattooed && pierced, pink && black faun with bright blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes. aha.. only in second life, hm?


get the look yourself:
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 7 w/ blonde eyebrow tattoo
hair; ploom squee in swedish
tattoo; endless pain the gear + the scroll (hunt prize — look for the gold cog wheel!)
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave && prunella
tail && horns; visavi shadow faun in leatherbound
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
piercings; luck inc metal face piercing
tank; styligion inc smt shirt in black
skirt; t.whore skirt zip in cherry
stockings; blowpop seamed fishnet tights w/panty in black rip
boots; nv hunter hoof boots
gloves; sini style manhandled
headphones; favole spin (previous midnight mania prize)

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  1. Mae Jewell

     /  07/27/2010

    Thank you for the lovely comment about my gift (Tattoo) for the CI Hunt ;))


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