i have a headache

but not a bad enough one to prevent me from blogging, apparently.

today’s look was sort of a challenge… to myself. i only used things i already had in my inventory, trying to mix together pieces i’ve already accumulated (and probably already blogged too, eheh). i’m pretty pleased with how it turned out!


now, my hair.. i know i’ve not blogged it yet. it’s from amacci and i bought it a little while ago and i *fucking* love it. it’s so fluffy and has so much movement and the color-change bandana is cuuuuute. plus the blonde textures are pretty, i am in love with the pearl platinum color ❤

the corset jeans i’ve got on are july’s dollarbie from cynful. if you haven’t picked them up yet… why the hell not!? the high-waist look is incredibly sexy and no one does sexy better than cynful. the light polka dot pattern is subtle and the fact that it’s only 1L makes these *fantastic*. go get them, right now. >:O


short post is short. ;/ but my head, it is pounding. i need a cool wash cloth and some ice cream. ’cause.. well.. ice cream makes everything better. \o/

get the look yourself:
skin; curio cupid sundust in pure 1
hair; amacci coleen in pearl platinum
tattoo upper && lower; actchio birds in the skull of a rose (upper) && love has many faces (lower)
eyes; ibanez blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; hod eternal
bra; r.icielli shiny bra in silver
shirt; t.whore suck my top in wet
pants; cynful july special (dollarbie)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in hot yellow
gloves; toxic kitty fuck off gloves (part of a set)
necklace; fusion @ SOL fair rosary necklace (freebie)
bracelet; chuculet belle jewelry pearl bracelet in gray (dollarbie)
ears; gauged elven stretched ears

oh! one last thing…

a friend of mine ❤ just opened a store and has a freebie tank top out. i told him i’d give him a shout out on my blog because what he has up for sale is just… far too awesome not to mention.

sexy right?

haha. believe me, my face underneath the head piece is literally like o_O and yes, it is *exactly* what you think it is.

visit just crax!
and tell doc i said sup, mmkay?

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  1. SweetDeb Kips

     /  07/26/2010

    The Curio skin and Amacci hair look so nice on you… This ass head crackd me up! I need one!


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