like every made for tv movie should

i’m trying to focus but my eyes deceive me, yeah
focus, i’m witnessing history… repeating

incubus! *O* brandon boyd, the things i would do to you..

/me clears her throat.

i mentioned yesterday that my stop to cobrahive brought back a little bit of nostalgia. after my initial newb-ness in sl (that lasted *way* longer than it should have, eheh), the first avatar that really felt like me.. was neko.

i rocked the ears && tails for a long while and i can’t honestly say what made me decide to leave the kitty behind. i guess that’s the awesome part about sl — you can morph from human to neko to human to elf to human to faun (cause i *love* faun avatars too!) and anywhere in between.

but with the help of bff vivi, i am going back to my “second life roots” for a day and revisiting a look i wore for so, so long. just updated!


being part kitten, part human is undeniably cute. there’s just something about the twitchy ears && tail that appeal to the girly, kawaii part of me. though vivi and i decided to grunge it up a little bit, wearing neko bits *totally* works with cutesy, frilly dresses and bubble gum pink. that’s just not us anymore. 😉


my look is neko to the extreme. almost everything i’ve got on is feline-related. my tee from action has a cute black kitten sleeping on the front of it. my jeans are from sassy kitty. though the actual cat design is covered by my shirtsleeves, my tattoo from garden of ku has black cats up by the shoulders. even my hair… it’s gritty kitty.


vivienne on the other hand is wearing a few pieces from envious creations, a place we *both* shopped pretty exclusively in our neko days, haha. her eyes, from negaposi are slitted (and pink!) like a cat’s would be. though she went in the opposite sort of direction with her tattoo && instead of wearing a feline-esue tattoo, her ink from kanival features fishies instead. >;3 cute!

we may not wear the kitty stuffs much anymore, but we still appreciate it. and i’ll probably be wearing my ears && tail from cobrahive for at least a little while in world, just ’cause it reminds me of my good ole days. too bad i’ve long since deleted all my mewing and purring gestures, they were always fun to spam local chat with. mwahahah~


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair) ::
skin; belleza alyson sunkissed 7
hair; gritty kitty bilirubin in blonde
tattoo; garden of ku lady cat
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; star piercing katja
tee; action women’s tee in white 005
vest; grasp hooded vest in black&&pink skull
jeans; sassy kitty corset jeans in blue
ears && tail; cobrahive rocker neko set in black
paws; cobrahive gothic neko paws
belt; cobrahive punk belt studded in checkered
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails

on vivienne tailleur (black hair) ::
skin; pink fuel @ harajukubox skin fair ember gyaru in nudey
hair; kin oralee one bun in black
tattoo; kanival koi
eyes; negaposi neko eyes in momo
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 14
piercings; hod satellite
tank; emjay button tank in light gray
vest; action unisex plush vest in black
skirt; onyx wear mini gracie pink (midnight mania prize)
ears && tail; envious creations fishnet kitty (part of a set)
stockings; amerie loose leggings v.2
boots; katatonik bow legwarmer boots in black
nails; love soul pure in pink
necklace; gauged dogtags
bracelets; envious creations amelie bracelets (previous hunt prize)

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