imma hurt you real good baby

don’t mind the title, i have adam lambert stuck in my head \o/ haha.

ANYWAY! so my look today isn’t really inspired by me exactly, but inspired by two of my favorite bloggers. see, they’ve both worn some fan-*fucking*-tastic boots by avz and.. well…

i had to go get me a pair too.


usually, when i blog a look.. it is, literally, my look of the day. it’s what i’ve decided to wear in world and very rarely is it something different than what you’d see me in if we happened to meet avatar face to avatar face.

but this look, honest to god, i’ve worn all week. and if you know me well, that never … ever … *ever* happens. it’s these boots, man, i cannot take them off. ❀

the corset is pretty amazing too, don’t get me wrong. anything that is chalk full of prim detail the way this corset (and the way my boots are too, just sayin’) is instant love for me. i love all the ruffles and the leather texture and the way it does, indeed, cinch in my avatar’s waist. the abyss makes some damn good stuff, too.


accessories today are all over the place. i’ve got the nails from xplosion on again because i love the rings and bracelets included on them. there’s black bands around the ring finger riii~iiight by the nail that i’ve not seen on another pair.

my collar is from cobrahive and while i was there, i went on a little insane shopping spree. i even bought a few things that remind me of my first sl days ❀ but i have plans for a later post including them. πŸ˜‰ the cutecutecute teeths are on the tattoo layer from porcupine love and i *adore* the way they look with my pink fuel skin. they add a little interest && some extra adorable-ness. what’s cuter than a tattoo’d elf-girl with buck teeth?


so my outfit today has definitely gotten some extra-wear in world, but it’s only because i can’t even stand how good it all looks together. at least in sl, you can wear an outfit for an entire week and not smell like stale b.o.! πŸ˜€


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel @ harajukubox skin fair ember gyaru in pinky
hair; kin karei in blonde
tattoo 1; para designs lush (hunt prize)
tattoo 2; demina design blogger tattoo
eyes; umedama holic frozen eyes (freebie)
teeth; porcupine love teeth 2.0 tattoo
piercings; kowp mercury
corset; the abyss pruriency corset in black
jeans; my pinkie skull stamped dark denims
boots; avz wrapped boots
nails; xplosion gallant in black
collar; cobrahive parade collar
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
arm band; m.e. fashion black leather lace (freebie)

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  1. *sniffs you* stale b.o. FTW?!?!!! :-p

    i went all blushy at being called a favorite blogger lol thank you hun! this look is great and avz boots are indeed all UNFUNFUFNFFF

  2. Verinne Ansar

     /  07/21/2010

    After a long day of getting locked out of my house ()do not ask) and only getting 4 hours of sleep in the passed two days this was the sweetest, cutest things ever! You are *so* darling and I am so flattered to be a favorite and also next to Randi in you’re choice (how YOU doin’?;] )

    Keep up with the looks, I check everyone on my blogroll daily ❀
    I love you and your blog, that's why you're there!

    • of course! both you && randi are gorgeous ❀ how can you NOT be faves? πŸ˜‰

      and thank youuu!! encouragement is always appreciated \o/


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