life in plastik

…it’s fantastic \o/

/me wonders how many other bloggers have used that line when blogging goodies from plastik

hahah, anyway! today, i’ve got more stuffs to show off from the summer of love fair. in the form of dresses, tattoos && some sexy jewelry.


absolute deliciousness ^O^ i am in *love* with these dresses. in gorgeous colors and the best part? they come with tattoos. tattoos in many colors and different designs with each dress! but more on that later..

these dresses can only be found at the SOL fair, which opens sooooooon to the public! i’m *still* excited about it and i can guarantee it will be packed the day it opens. with so many exclusive items, i can only imagine the droves of avatars waiting to get in. i can empathize… kinda. 😉


i mentioned sexy jewelry, didn’t i? my earrings && piercings are from iced and also are from the fair. the peacock earrings are looove. they are so bright and so amazing and juuuu~uuust large enough to be seen, but not overwhelm your avatar’s face.

and i don’t really think i have to say how much i enjoy piercings. this set includes a septum ring, lip rings, cheek piercings && eyebrow rings. sets like this make my insides shiver, all that metal for *one* single attachment. yaaayyyy!

now, the tattoos..

these tatts are from the denali set (black && gray dress)
from left to right, the tattoo colors are called:
dark, sun, light, earth && love

each dress comes with it’s *own set* of unique tattoos, in their *own set* of unique colors. they also come with a recolorable layer — meaning, even if the color choices are already pretty.. you can tint to match in any color that strikes your fancy. amazinngggg <3333

get the look yourself:
skin; laq elena peach in makeup 08 w/ blonde eyebrow tattoo
hair; je*republic karla in platinum blonde
tattoos; plastik @ SOL fair vintage, denali, enchant, floratia && twist
eyes; sterling artistry may skies (freebie)
piercings; iced @ SOL fair elissiana piercing
dresses; plastik @ SOL fair vintage, denali, enchant, floratia && twist
heels; n-core vintage xtreme heel in black patent
nails; candy nail birthstone nails in july ruby (group gift)
bracelets; mariposa animosity in silver (freebie)
earrings; iced @ SOL fair oval peacock earrings
bikini; alexohol @ SOL fair sea breeze bikini

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