combat boots

….are made of loooooveeeee <33

i always tend to mix contrasts when it comes to clothing && accessories. i’ve mentioned it before here in my blog, but i love the way opposites can meld together. and today, i’ve done just that. a girlie high-waist skirt with kick ass combat boots, mixed with mesh and prettypretty accessories. lots of texture contrast!


said high-waist skirt today is from roots. i wear a *lot* of high-waist anything in world, i love the way it looks. it accentuates the curves and just looks damn sexy, period. and this skirt is juuu~uust short enough to leave little to the imagination, but the denim texture is so dark and so *blue* that i had to have it.

plus, i wouldn’t be able to show off my tattoo from garden of ku as well if my skirt was *modest*, haha!

i topped the skirt with a mesh tank i picked up from deetalez, with a shrug on top of that from emery. both stores are so huge && full of amazing separates, it is hard to tp there and not come out with a shit ton of new clothes. but i managed somehow šŸ˜‰ and i like the way these two work together. the black cut-outs on the side of the tank *almost* make the jacket look like it’s part of the top. even if they are completely different textures, they still look hot worn together.


now my boots…. i know i always mention my choice in shoes for each of my looks, and i may or may not have some sort of shoe fetish… ’cause usually, my shoes are my favorite part of my outfit. today is no exception. these boots are amazing, from the abyss. they look steel-toed and fierce, i could srsly stomp some faces with boots like these.

and my nails, gotta mention them too. today, they are from xplosion and not only include color-change nails… but rings && bracelets on top of that. and not even *just* rings && bracelets, but choices in rings && bracelets. they can be worn with or without teeny tiny mesh detail and diamond drops on the rings and the bangles come in long and short versions. all of that together makes me *adore* these nails.

girly jewelry from violet voltaire && burroughs, mixed with tattoos… piercings… and lovely lamb hair… honestly, this is my favorite way to dress. kinda skanky ;D and kinda grungy, topped off with combat boots that i guarantee will be glued to my feets.


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor sunkissed in twilight
hair; !lamb ghost in honeycomb (previous 50L friday item)
tattoo; garden of ku aphrodisia in luxor
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in grave
eyeliner; cheap makeup @ gacha festival double wing liner #8
piercings; hod bitten
tank; deetalez net tanktop in white
shrug; emery jacket nine
skirt; roots 00js10016
stockings; sheer knee-highs (freebie)
boots; the abyss nau combat boots
nails, rings && bracelets; xplosion gallant in black
necklace; violet voltaire girl germs in gargoyle
earrings; burroughs ripley earrings (freebie)

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