put the lime in the coconut

some colors just *scream* summer to me. hot pink is definitely one of them. so is yellow. aaaaand vivid neon orange.

but probably the summeriest (lolwut? made up word!) color i know of… is lime green.

i’m blinding && bright in said color and i am totally okay with that~ 😀


cute ‘n summery with just the right amount of vixxie mixed in. like the perfect cocktail (a margarita on the rocks would be *heaven* right now, just sayin’), it’s all in the balance of “flavors”. colorful and subdued and bright and dark all wrapped up with bleached blonde hair.

but enough of that before i get waaaaaaayyyy too metaphorical, haha.

i’ve owned this black&&green striped skirt from suicidal unborn for a little while now, but didn’t have anything to blog it with. it’s really cute and i bought it in green for something different. only trouble is, i don’t own much in that shade of green ;( so it’s been sitting in my inventory all this time. lonesome and probably crying.

until today! \o/ a bikini top from emjay and a sheer (or wet, depending on how ya look at it) tank from boom brought the cute skirt to the forefront.


lots of bright accessories today, too. my sunglasses && necklace ‘o skittles, or at least they *look* like skittles, is a group gift from december. the glasses themselves have a ton of options to customize with colors and lenses. plus they matched my outfit, woohoo!

obligatory nails are from exodi, my *amazing*-for-a-freebie watch is from 2real, && my bunch of bangles was a gift from jd designs. all in complimentary colors, and in the case of the watch.. i made it complimentary thanks to the color-change HUD.

plus! the new releases from truth make being matchy-matchy eeeven easier. my hairstyle of choice comes with two streaked options. TWO! the possibilities are honestly endless. two-tone streaks, one-tone streaks, make half the streaks a wild color && leave the others to match your natural color…

oh, truth hawks.. you make my insides happy <3333


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in royal w/ freckles
hair; truth kalista streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs over doz’
eyes; negaposi vampire eyes in dark water
piercings; hod bitten
tank; boom bodacious tank in void
bikini; emjay skully kini
skirt; suicidal unborn rar mini skirt in green
sandals; viomagic sunny day sandals (hunt prize)
nails; exodi sculpted nails in springtime series (lucky chair prize)
necklace&&glasses; december glasses no 40 on glasses holder (group gift)
bracelets; jd bracelet black/white flower (subscribo gift)
watch; 2real tokyo flash (freebie)

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