not a newbie

but i’m pretending i am!

if only my avatar looked this decent when i *was* an actual newbie… i wore system hair far too long to admit readily. ;/

so what am i talking about? the lovely gogo issued a newbie style challenge to bloggers and it looked like fun! so i logged in to one of my newer alts and decided to accept her challenge. ;p

while i do tend to wear quite a lot of freebies && cheapies && gifts, making an entire avatar over without the aid of lindens (or, rather, with a budget of 20L) was a challenge even for me. but i’m pleased with the way my new alt turned out!


the total cost for the entire avatar? $1L. the only thing i purchased with that one linden dollar was a pack of piercings from buried. everything else my alt is rockin’ was free!

i didn’t even skimp on the accessories. she’s wearing nails, a necklace, wrist cuffs, tattoos, lashes, and of course.. the piercings. a gorgeous skin, *amazing* hair, cute boots, fluffy skirt.. all of it was free. and by first look alone, there’s no way you’d know i only paid a fraction of a cent for my alt’s look.

fun challenge, indeed! now all you need is someone to show off all the awesome entries into gogo’s challenge to *actual* newbies….


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola light (subscribo gift @ orta)
shape; made by me!
hair; black maria rius in black/blonde (freebie)
tattoo; actchio lady skulls (hunt prize)
eyes; tuli gem eyes in emerald (freebie)
lashes; sky everett eyelash w/ stars top&&bottom (freebie)
piercings; buried basic piercings in bridge && lipring center (dollarbie)
tank; onyx wear tank top in black sheer (subscribo gift)
overshirt; onyx wear off-shoulder “starr” top dark (lucky chair prize)
skirt; coco ruffle skirt in lace black (group gift)
stockings; sheer stockings in zebra (freebie)
boots; maitreya soho boots (subscribo gift)
nails; baby monkey sculpted nails zebra collection (freebie)
necklace; burroughs sunara necklace (freebie)
bracelets; curious kitties gothic skull bracelets (group gift)

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  1. I love your ava!! I’m so going to pick up those shoes for myself! Hehe Great job!


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