mm, noodle soup..

hi5 if you get my title’s reference! \o/

so, the majority of my look today is from the alphabet soup bazaar and there is much deliciousness (see what i did there?) to be had all over the bazaar. lots of goodies (including *many* gifts and dollarbies) from some awesome designers, all in one compact space for your shopping convenience. can’t go wrong with that!


the top i picked up at the bazaar from t junction. the design amused me greatly and the colors made for a nice palette to work around. plus, the heart is way too cute with it’s taped glasses.. i had to have it.

so i worked in a high-waisted skirt <33 from urbanity and leggings i also picked up at the bazaar, from evie. the stockings were a dollarbie and come in a purple version as well as the blue i’m wearing. other leggings at the bazaar from evie are discounted too, *plus* another dollarbie pair on top of that. y’know, just as a head’s up. 😉

when i got to the stall from kiwi and saw these sneakers… srsly, it was love at first sight. i probably would’ve bought them regardless of price just for the paint splatters (and the amazing way it matches my tee!!), but these sneakers… are you ready for this? the shoes are only gonna run you 1L. yep, i wet myself a little, too. no worries!


my lovely blue nails && rings are a freebie (as a hunt prize) from u&r dogs. i have such a weakness, if you weren’t already aware, for prim nails and when i can get fabulous ones like these for freeeee, i don’t think it gets much better than that. the nails switch from light blue to an even lighter baby blue with one click and the attached jewelry is beautifully made. i love the ring with the heart-shaped gemstone, so cute!

i also opted for a pair of glasses, to match the glasses on my tee. the ones i decided on are aviator-like and from cheap makeup, a store that makes my bargain-hunter senses flutter with glee. eyeshadows && eyeliners, cute tanks, sunglasses, all *very* reasonably priced.. i had to force-TP out of there before i bought the entire shop out.

a day when i can dress myself with minimal effort && minimal cost is a good day to me. especially when i look as cute as i do today, riiiight? 😀


get the look yourself:
skin; lelutka lola sunkissed makeup 3
lipstick; lelutka lola lipstick in bubblegum
hair; truth twiggy in swedish
tattoo; aitui aggression
eyes; dulce secrets @ alphabet soup bazaar special eyes 3 (dollarbie)
piercings; kowp reverse
tee; t junction @ alphabet soup bazaar i love nerds
skirt; urbanity high waisted camo skirt in white
leggings; evie @ alphabet soup bazaar star fishnet leggings in blue (dollarbie)
shoes; kiwi @ alphabet soup bazaar paint chucks (dollarbie)
nails; u&r dogs nail aleko beach (hunt prize)
necklace; baby monkey dolphin necklace
bracelets; boom plastic candy bangles in barbie && taffy
glasses; cheap makeup motel glasses in silver
ears; gauged elven stretched ears

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