new discoveries

…are *awesome* when said discoveries are things you’ve already bought!

most of my look for today is made up of things i stumbled upon while organizing my inventory today. and that’s always an amazing feeling — not remembering when you acquired it, but being glad you did! ’cause it’s cuuute~


all of my clothing (vest, tank && shorts) are things i’d forgotten i owned. and lucky for me, they all worked pretty well together!

the vest is from pixel dolls. it’s not a store i shop from much, but it’s really nicely done. i like the subtle pattern and the buttons across the midsection. looks kinda biker-ish to me, which is more than okay. 😉

my shorts… i think i bought during the huge sale a couple weeks back at i’m pretty sure i bought out the entire store then, haha, so these shorts were a surprise and not a surprise all at once. i love the prim cuffs and the *adorable* bows on the pockets with these shorts. everything i’ve ever bought from is awesome though, these shorts are no exception.

aaaand my tank, it’s from leel. i must have picked it up the last time i was there, but it was a welcome discovery. it’s pulled up *just enough* above the belly to help show off my tattoos from para designs and the color was convenient. nothing matches better with gray && black than… more gray && black!


one of my accessories is a also discovery from the depths of my inventory. the turquoise ring on my right hand is from mashooka and was a previous freebie from their annual hunt. i had some cute turquoise earrings as well from mashooka that i didn’t remember, and jewelry that was *free* and beautifully made is winwinwinwin ❤

the bangles are also a freebie, but something i picked up today. i shuffled over to apple may designs in search of free skins (they are in the subscribo history and are *so* pretty) and found a pair of free bracelets while i was there! i know it’s probably hard to see because of the finger tapes i’ve got on, but the largest middle bangle is partly transparent and has the loveliest lace-like texture.

shopping within one’s own inventory can be awesome! you just have to accumulate a *metric ton* of items before things start to surprise you that you’ve already bought, rofl.


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor sunkissed in angel
hair; truth sylvia streaked in swedish
tattoo; para designs sailor jerry (limited freebie, gogogogo if you’d like it!)
eyes; vive9 gem shine blue eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 13
piercings; twee (xstreet only) apotheosis piercing
tank; leel striped tank top in gray
vest; pixeldolls short vest in black
shorts; safari shorts in charcoal
stockings; my pinkie skull opened leggings in black&&gray
boots; pixelmode viv boots in jet
gloves&&nails; sinistyle taped fist && black nails in full palm / forearm gap
necklace; pink inc tres diablo
bracelets; apple may designs vintage bangles (limited freebie!! gogogo)
ring; mashooka new ring (previously available as hunt prize)
belt; hermony rock ‘n rolla belt in black

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