ink && bikinis

tattoos, to me, are a very important part of my SL wardrobe. i almost always include at least one tattoo in every look i put together, the only exception being that no skin can be seen and wearing a tattoo is frivolous. but, i’ll be honest, the times when i’m that covered up are few and far between. 😉

i own *so many* tattoos (sounds kinda weird, doesn’t it? haha) that i tend to cycle through different ones every day. especially since all of those so many tattoos are awwesssome, it would be a shame to wear the same one all the time!

but with an inventory bursting with ink, there are.. sadly.. some tatts that don’t get the love they deserve. whether i forget i own them, or i end up putting on a different one because it suits a color scheme better… whatever the reason, there are certain tattoos i own that i’ve not yet blogged.

there are *more* tattoos i don’t even own yet.. but you see, that is where bff vivi comes in!


so my post for today showcases tattoos and bikinis (again, because i can). and, of course, my sexy best friend <33

first up…

on the left; garden of ku neo3
on the right; para designs black bloom (available at the black and blue fair)

the tattoo on me… is probably the most *interesting* tattoo i own. i’ve not seen anything like it since i bought it and i love it so hard. it’s kinda cyborg-esque and makes me think of microchips && the matrix oddly enough, but i love the way it looks.

on vivi, her tattoo is an exclusive item for the black && blue fair. it’s *very* sexy, the leg piece is gorgeous. i’m not typically a fan of solid black tattoos (i personally prefer muted colors to solid black), but this one i’ve seen her wear many times and it’s incredible.

on the left; para designs soulkeeper
on the right; luck inc sakura

vivi’s tattoo is so full of detail, it’s almost ridiculous. you can just barely see the demonic faces within the design, it definitely lives up to it’s name of “soulkeeper”. it looks like she’s got a dozen trapped souls etched under her skin (and wouldn’t that suck…).

my tattoo above is the prettiest shade of purple. and just as with every piece of clothing i own from luck inc, the tattoo quality is also superb. wearing a bikini with this tattoo is *perfect* because it really shows off my favorite part of this tatt — the beyond sexy stomach.

on the left; garden of ku la virgen de guadalupe
on the right; para designs cupcake

my tattoo is totally a step out of the norm for me, but… it was *far* too cute for me to resist. i love the cotton candy color scheme and there is no way i could’ve said no to hello kitty, my little pony, cupcakes && care bears. it’s so sweet, looking at it long enough might result in tooth decay, but c’mon. stare into the eyes of the pink bear on my thigh… he will suck you in as he did to me. there is no escape~!!

vivienne’s tattoo is on the complete opposite side of the tattoo-spectrum. cute && sugary on me, and.. fuck me hard on the back of her calf. \o/ the back piece on this tattoo from garden of ku is *flawless* and the design as a whole is just gorgeous. garden of ku makes some of my absolute favorite tattoos <33

on the left; para designs celestial
on the right; para designs seduction

this entire post is very para-designs-ful. but that’s because both vivi and i *adore* those tattoos. we buy them up faster than we can wear them, apparently.

vivi’s tattoo looks, to me, like very delicate lace. it’s beautiful work and the curvy layout of the design itself totally accentuates her shape, yes?

my tattoo is more whimsical. and if this post is any indication, apparently i rather enjoy tattoos with stars included, haha. the solid and outlined stars were just too cute and the vine-like crescent moon totally completes the starry sky.

now these aren’t *all* the tattoos we own, and certainly not every tattoo that i’ve yet to blog.. but it’s a pretty diverse group in design and color. and it was toooootally an excuse to show off the *freebie* fatpack of bikinis we both picked up from pig. win-win!

all that modeling is hard work though… it is now time to….


…./me coughs.

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 18
hair; magika tanja in swedish
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
eyeshadow; stellar designer liner duo in black&&blue
piercings; hod lure in obsidian
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in napkins && turqueal (freebies)
heels; heart & sole mile high
nails; candy nail gacha toy nails in blue

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; league taylor sunkissed in silverlining
hair; magika is in charcoal
eyes; vive9 gem blue eyes (freebie)
piercings; hod satellite
ears; gauged elven stretched ears
bikinis; pig @ tableau summer festival summer bikini in sunshine && watermelon (freebies)
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in black
nails; candy nail runway in black

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