red lips

..are on my tee *and* my face. haha.

i’ve started to wear elf ears frequently in world, but i rarely blog with them on. i’m not sure why, and i can’t say it’s cause i’d rather wear earrings in my blog posts because i do that rarely too… i dunno. but these ears were *far* too cute not to include in my blog today, so i left ’em on.


i have, like, a hoard of white shoes in my inventory. i dunno what it is with me and white shoes but i seem to have a ton of them. sneakers, flip flops (which i have an obsession with anyway), heels.. i’ve pretty much got every shoe imaginable in white. i just.. don’t wear them often enough and it’s really kinda silly, so i *totally* dressed around these white heeled sneakers from ordinary.

i tend to do that pretty often, pick one item and dress to match it. a necklace, a shirt, a pair of shoes, even eyes or a skin, and i’ll work a look around it. i guess it’s ’cause i have so much *stuff* crammed in my closet that it can get a little overwhelming otherwise!


so i paired my sexy white sneakers with a tee from luck inc and some rolled-up jean capris from the, sadly, closed devol. it’s been a while since that store closed and it still makes me sad, but at least i have cute jeans to help ease the pain. \o/

other than my pierced ears, i don’t have too many accessories on. some nails from stellar that have the most adorable star tattoo included right by the thumb, a red-accented necklace from chuculet (i swear, i am slowly buying out farah’s *entire* store) and a set of piercings from kowp. a little more minimalist today since i’ve gone overboard with jewelry lately.

boring post today, but! i’m working on something *awesome* for tomorrow, i promise. vivi and i have a date in my photo studio, i swear you will not be disappointed. 😀


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in cherry
hair; d!va chisa in smoke topaz (group gift)
tattoo upper; actchio birds in the skull of a rose
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercings; kowp envy
undershirt; long sleeve scoop tee in black
tee; luck inc gurl’s t in white
jeans; devol jeans 01 plain (store closed)
shoes; ordinary caraca in white
nails; stellar lexi’s hand tattoo, red nails && star
necklace; chuculet i heart u in fire
ears; kin elf ears (previously free)

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  1. Great look 🙂


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