*is lazy*

/me yaaaaaaawns ‘n stretches.

mm. all these late nights are really catchin’ up with me. z__z

today was a really lazy day (so lazy that i just.. skipped a blog for the 22nd, aha!) and my wardrobe always reflects that. does yours? when i’m lazy, i feel like running around the grid in clothes that look nice and comfy. no toe-pinching high heels, nothing that requires a whole lot of modifying, baggy and still cute in a “yeah, i just rolled outt’a bed.. so what?..” kinda way.

and, y’know, all that also includes red lipstick apparently. \o/


it’s been a while since i wore my dutch touch skins and i’d forgotten just a *little* bit how pretty they are. isis has such lovely lips and even though i usually tend to prefer a “sunkissed” look, the paler tones to me look too good to pass up wearing. which kinda goes with my lazy theme — too lazy to go outside and get some sun! haha.

i wasn’t lazy enough to go out and check the closing ;( sale at kitsune couture. every color pack of hair is 15L(!!) and fatpacks are 30L(!!!!!!) and yeah, i supplemented my doing absolutely nothing constructive today by… buying a bunch of super-cute new hairstyles. yayy~

hearing that stores are closing always makes me both sad and happy (kinda reminds me of ralph wiggum, “i’m happy AND angry!! D:<“). happy for the awesome sales, but sad to see a shop leave the grid. especially a shop that’s new to me. you can’t leave before i get my fill!!


i was also lazy when it came to accessories. i cannot bring myself to take off my mstyle nails. they’ve basically been glued to my fingers since i bought them (though, technically, wouldn’t they *literally* be glued to my fingers? hmm..) and i wasn’t ready to take them off just yet. even if, with my AO, it kinda looks like i am trying to scoop my eyeballs out of my head sometimes with nails as long and awesome as these are.

my lovely pedicure and anklets and flipflops<3 were provided by diva’s. i get a little googly eyed when anything comes with a ton of options (see: mstyle nails && ubu porn stars) and these flip flops left me playing around with my toes, lol, for quite some time. nail options, very easy skin-tone matching, toe rings.. it’s all so shiny and it kept me occupied while i did *nothing else*. 😀

so yay for lazy days. i’ve gotta make up for it tomorrow, but i’ve still got time to stew in my own juices and be a bump on a log. and you best believe i am gonna take as much advantage of it as i can while i’ve got the chance!!


get the look yourself:
skin; dutch touch isis cream in liner red (previous group gift)
hair; kitsune couture nicest in platinum plus
tattoo; garden of ku dragon of the rising sun
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; hod lure in obsidian
tank; t.whore mini top in hot white
overshirt; lp karolino shirt in black
shorts; zoobong hunter shorts in black
shoes; diva’s flip flop sandals platinum in black
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails
necklace; loulou&co like blood (subscribo gift)
earrings; bodywear jewelry triple pierced earring in black (previous dollarbie)

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  1. wow been looking through your blog all day, you have some really cool stuff and now i gotta go spend all my lindens lol


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