it’s late…

…but it’s worth it.

i love this look. i might have gotten a little caught up and lost track of time but the look i put together for, technically, yesterday is good enough to post.. 5 hours late. .. 😀


you see, it all started with a trip to garden of ku to look for some new ink. i literally had to force myself to teleport outt’a there, or else i seriously would have bought out the entire store. i’ve got lots of new, sexy tattoos to work with and i am *so* happy with them. my tattoo for “today” was my base.

i knew i wanted to use the midnight mania prize, a pair of amazing yellow heels, from heart && soul in my look as well. i’m not much for yellow usually, but i’ll gladly work it in as an accent color and i did exactly that today. or.. well… really, i just wanted to wear these pumps so badly that they could’ve *completely* clashed and i still would’ve worn them. that’s how much i loves them.


as it goes with most looks i think are cute enough to post, it’s really an.. experimentation. it’s part picking up a thing or two (or twelve) to finish a look off and part just playing around in my inventory until i am pleased enough with my outfit that i no longer think, “this looks like such shit…”.

so pairing the cute bustier from ooeas with the wet cropped shirt from t.whore was pretty much an accident while trying to switch from on top to another. adding heavily patterned (but fucking *amazing*) jeans from g&g designs were pants i was simply trying on that seemed to fit with the look, so i left them on.

but accessorizing with faaaaaaabulous nails from mstyle was no accident. i adore their long nails, they are so claw-like and with all the added extras (so many rings, cigarette w/ animation, an “mphone” w/ animations, color choices, etc), i didn’t even *think* about switching my nails out for another pair.

top it off with some piercings from loulou&co and some very.. cockatoo (but still awesome) hair from je*republic and this look evolved into something i love so much, it’s a little ridiculous.


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in fate
hair; je*republic karla in platinum blonde
tattoo body; garden of ku give me poison
tattoo hand; stellar lexi’s hand tattoo star only
eyes; vive9 gem sea eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai lesmakeups lashes 15
piercings; loulou&co kali
undershirt; t.whore suck my top in wet
corset; ooeas elegant pearls bustier in tahitian pearl dark lace
jeans; g&g designs dragon of the rising sun outfit, pants in hechicera
heels; heart&&soul drops in yellow (midnight mania prize)
nails; mstyle perfect hand in long nails
necklace; hod the path to forgiveness

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