freebies make my heart sing

totally. 😀

there’s absolutely no excuse anymore for scrounging around for crappy freebies. there are *so many* designers out there that leave free items, group gifts, and dollarbies out in their stores. it’s very possible to look completely fashionista on a limited linden budget. and i acquire quite a lot of those quality cheapies in the course of a second life day.

i always try to include freebies or gifts in every single blog post of mine, but today i’m almost head-to-toe in them. and i for one (eheh) think i look pretty sweet. there’s nothing better than putting together an entire outfit and realizing, “wow.. most of my clothes were free. and i look fucking awesome!!” unless you *know* they’re freebies, there’s no way to distinguish the freebies i’m wearing from something i’ve paid out the nose for. and that, my friends, is what makes the generous designers in sl so amazing. ❤


my whole look today is based on the high waist shorts (loveeeee them) that are a group gift from r.icielli. there are always fabulous group gifts set out, but these shorts are so cute. i love the buckled belt and the tailored cuffs, and the color is such a pretty shade of teal.

the t junction subscribo dropped this adorable tee on me when i signed up. and i gotta say, it’s so glittery and *pink* and cute that i almost immediately slipped it on. my inventory is full of t-shirts (mostly from glad rags to be honest ;p), but one as cute as this was a welcome addition.


even my accessories include freebies!

the necklace is from baby monkey and is actually a past group gift. but pixieplumb flanagan is such a sweetheart <3333 that she sent me the necklace when i asked (rather frantically at that, lol) if i could purchase the necklace from her shop anywhere. i *love it*. the dolphin, heart, tassle, shoe and rose are all color-change and i no longer have to drool over vivi’s when she wears it, cause now i have one toooo~

keep an eye out for it, pixieplumb said she *may* set it out for sale! 😉

both my socks and my boots were freebie & cheapie, from emery and edge grafica. boots like these are awesome on their own, but at the price? you *cannot* beat it.

oh, and just as a head’s up… my piercings today are *new* from star piercing. go pick ’em up, they are great (just as the rest of the many piercings i own from there are) and help me pack in the metal on my face. ’cause i like doin’ that. obviously..

so freebies! go get you some. there are quality gifts scattered all over the grid at any given moment. you just gotta know where to look (or follow some awesome bloggers to the good stuffs).


get the look yourself:
skin; pink fuel ember chai in cherry
hair; magika donna in swedish
tattoo; kanival koi red
eyes; negaposi lunar eyes in azur
lashes; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
piercings; star piercing zebra metal
tee; t junction glitter head (subscribo gift)
shorts; ricielli eleanor high waist short in sea (group gift)
socks; emery socks in rose (freebie)
boots; edge grafica engineer boots (dollarbie)
nails; pixelmode sculpted nails v1 in french manicure
necklace; baby monkey multi-charm necklace (previous group gift)
gloves; sini style taped fist in full palm forearm gap

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