double the sale goodness

so i had something different planned for this post, but sometimes.. things come up.

things like sales.

things like 50% off the entire store sales.

things like 50% off the entire store at hyper culture sales.

and when these things happen, plans change. lindens get spent. and much happiness abounds between two best friends.

since the sale ends before the hunt does, it’s only logical to show off the amazingness we picked up this morning at half-price first… right?


vivienne and i both are wearing the fabulous high-waist skirts from hyper culture, but vivi’s is *free* in the subscribo. slap it and join up and check the history, but do it ASAP! it’ll be bumped out of the history soon enough.

her tank and leggings are also HC, and match the gold straps on her sexy thigh-high boots from heart & sole. she picked those up at the zombie popcorn carnival and are so nice. i’ll admit it… i’m a little jealous. :/

i know you’re not lookin’ her in the eye..

her accessories include freebie pearl bracelets and necklace from burroughs, new tattoo from katatonik, and piercings by hod. contrasting gold and teal looks fiii~iiine, doesn’t it?


now i, on the other hand, paired the same skirt (but in hothot pink) with a jacket also from HC (that i loooove), and a denim corset from remy. another store i discovered thanks to the fashion is love hunt, leel supplied the *uber* sexy stockings that are actually part of a set that includes a short dress, shorts, cropped tops, and about a thousand different layers to wear it all. amazing deal. ❤

my pumps, they get a paragraph all their own. i *adore* them! from lelutka, called pow pumps… they are just love in platforms. all the colors tempted me, but i saw these black&&white printed heels and it was like love at first sight.

/me sighs dreamily…

if that wasn’t enough, my skin is *to die for* from pink fuel. while the body isn’t quite as shaded/highlighted enough for my taste (or maybe i am just used to the almost greased up sheen that’s on some skins), the face is goooorgeous. GORGEOUS. check this beautiful face out!

from left to right:
royal, cherry, candy && fate

the rest of the makeups are just as pretty & the ember skin gives you such a cute, youthful face. i love the detail to the eyes, and the variety in lipsticks. just lovely. <333

new skins, sale stuffs (the 50% off fabulosity ends at the end of june!) and i cannot forget to mention… freshly released truth hair, all makes for two hot bitches. 😉


get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; pink fuel ember chai in candy
hair; truth carli in swedish
tattoo; huz veritas
eyes; fallen style dkggreenblue
lashes; cake bedroom lashes
piercings; hod lure in obsidian
corset; remy vintage jean corset in destroyed
jacket; hyper culture skully halfcut jacket in silver
skirt; hyper culture high waist skirt in pink
stockings; leel modern love outfit, black stockings
heels; lelutka pow pumps in print black&&white
nails; t.whore zebra nails
necklace; line broken pearl necklace
bracelets 1; boom plastic candy bangles in barbie
bracelets 2; loop bangles in black
earrings; shampoo hoop pierce (group gift)

on vivienne tailleur (black hair):
skin; league taylor sunkissed in silverlining
hair; truth tilly streaked in crow
tattoo; katatonik poisoned sugar rush tattoo sleeve
eyes; umedama holic gemstone eye (freebie)
piercings; hod satellite in black ice
tank; hyper culture broad lace plain tank in sepia
skirt; hyper culture high waist skirt in turquoise (subscribo gift)
leggings; hyper culture tights in leo
boots; heart&sole @ zombie popcorn carnival so sexy
nails; candy nail swallowtail in black
necklace; burroughs emily necklace (freebie)
bracelets; burroughs eva bracelets (freebie)
earrings; shampoo hoop pierce (group gift)

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