i know i can be colorful

i know i can be gray
but i know this loser’s living fortunate
cause i know you will love me either way

words cannot express how much i love that song. it brings back a lot of memories, some good.. some a little sad. but it was a fitting title, because my looks the past few days have been rather subdued in color scheme…

today, not so much! šŸ˜€


my look evolved from bright random colors to actually kinda-sorta-maybe matching, and i worked around the leggings i got from the gacha machine outside the mv stall at the zombie popcorn carnival. at 30L a try, they are so worth a few attempts to get the entire set (there’s 3 leggings in total).

i got the pair i *really* wanted on my first try. luckylucky vixxie!


because the gacha-leggings got me thinking, i decided to add in another gacha prize. my lovely nails are from the machine at candy nail and come in five possible colors. i do love me some prim nails, especially prim nails that include cute rings.. and these are fun and a little child-like and the rings are plastic and awesome. totally fitting.

my shoes, i bought a little while ago from periquita and have been waiting for an outfit to wear them with. the heel, shoe, and trim are all color change with a *ton* of choices in color and i adore the way the toe is shaped on these pumps. i was so tempted to go insane with color and have either shoe be different, and mix in some orange or yellow or bright blue (y’know, to match my freebie bangles from concrete flowers), but i chose to go with matching pink.

the only reason? that shade of hot pink is called barbie and i *had* to use it.

so i’m blindingly rainbow today and i’m okay with that. you really can’t go wrong when you’re rocking sweet leggings, sexy shoes, and three pandas on your boobs!


get the look yourself:
skin; league taylor sunkissed in hot pink
hair; truth shinji in swedish
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; redgrave venus blue (freebie)
piercings; hod fusion in obsidian
under shirt; sycophancy layered shirt in white (freebie)
tee; intrigue co panda totem shirt
skirt; sassy kitty sassy denim mini skirt in washed (midnight mania prize)
leggings; mv @ zombie popcorn carnival carnival leggings 2
heels; periquita shallow pumps
necklace; chuculet i heart u in fire
nails; candy nail toy nails in pink
bracelets; concrete flowers rainbow shag bands (freebie)
purse; coco pochette (group gift)

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