/me nomnomnomnoms ❤

my pearls are tasty, okay!?

and i totally based my *entire* look on them. 😉

the yummy necklace is from sissi and i think it’s awesome. as if i didn’t already wear eleventy billion attachments, putting something in my mouth (mind out of the gutter plz) only adds 1k to my ARC a little extra realism. ’cause everyone *noms* on their necklaces, don’t they?

i also love these shorts from league. really, i’m a sucker for anything with nicely sculpted prim parts. again, it makes things more real and more tactile than painted on pants with system cuffs. not that there’s anything wrong with painted on pants…

sexy boooooots

these boots.. i never would’ve known about it without a head’s up from teshan ❤ and i am *so* glad i stalk her and her fabulous blogs. the boots are 1L. 1L! but only for the weekend!

just fyi, there’s an awesome midnight mania board there, too. 😉


the rest of my look consists of a subscribo gift from onyx wear and my obligatory luck inc, with a little ari, sn@tch and sini style mixed in. lots of different textures, with tons of detail packed into each piece, contrast between grunge and girly… while i may have built it around my yummy necklace, it’s definitely something i can see myself wearing over and over and over again in world.

head to toe

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; ari messy blonde
tattoo; sn@tch starlight tatt (lucky chair prize)
eyes; umedama holic frozen eyes (freebie)
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 15
piercing; buried basic piercings septum (dollarbie)
tank; onyx wear tank top black sheer (subscribo gift)
over shirt; luck inc cashmere top shortsleeves in black
shorts; league combat shirts in gray
boots; drakke designs dakota black (dollarbie)
nails; page 3 pretty hands in attitude
necklace; sissi yummeh pearls
gloves; sini style taped fist && black nails in loose hand/forearm gap

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