save a horse

today, i felt like pink. no particular reason, really. it just feels like a *pink* sorta day. bright and sunny and warm (but not too hot, thank goooodddd), pink seemed like an appropriate color for my look.

even if i don’t wear it often, pink is probably my favorite color. especially this sort of shade, a “dusty rose” kind of pink.

cowboy boots

you can see i’m not wearing socks in my boots! :S

as i was putting pieces together, my avatar took on a very… cowboy look. it’s probably the boots, which are gorgeous and so completely detailed. they are from g field and the pink ones are lovely, but so are the other colors. the fatpack.. it was calling to me.

boots and cute nails

the textures on the boots are amazing. and they just *look* comfortable. so comfortable i went without socks, eheh. the rose detail, and colorful fringe are adorable. these boots are made of win!

and my nails! i bought these a while ago from love soul and i’ve not had an outfit to wear them with. …until now. πŸ˜€ i squealed over the cutecute top hat ring and the colors are so bright and bubblegum. i adore them. love soul makes some of the nicest nails i’ve worn.

channeling farrah fawcett <3

this new skin from candydoll, out for thirsty thursday (only 65L!!) is gorgeous. the eye makeup is fierce and i love how cute of a face candydoll skins give me. nice glossy lips and amazing eyeshadow, it’s lovely and might give my beloved belleza skins something to worry about.

while i love pink, it probably won’t last on my avatar too long. but this look, while way out of my norm, is too cute not to show off. or so i think, anyway. πŸ˜‰

where's my horse?

get the look yourself:
skin; candydoll christina tan
hair; truth peyton streaked in swedish
tattoo; onyx wear akido
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
lashes; miamai les makeups lashes 12
piercings; kowp reverse
shirt; spice & sugar vivienne (love this name! <333) in pink
vest; intrigue co black vest
jeans; suicidal unborn xlaw jeans in black
boots; g field short western boots in pink
nails; love soul gothic doll in pink
earrings; loop earrings in gray
bracelets; mandala summer pink bracelets (freebie)
belt; spice & sugar itm belt in black

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