have you ever had just… one of those days? where from the moment you wake up, everything is just *blah* and as the day goes on, it never gets any better?

yeah, today was one of those days for me…


as weird as it may sound, my blog gives me something to look forward to everyday. it’s something i use to unwind with.. and gives me a distraction. i think about what i’m going to wear, what poses i’m going to use, what angles to photograph with. then i crop the pictures, upload them, write about them… it’s all very relaxing to me and enjoyable and on a day like today, my blog was the only thing i was happy about.

plus, doing a little bit of retail therapy always helps, even on days like this!

love these leggings

my look today is based around a few things.

for one, the tee from aitui. that store is like a dream come true for someone like me. high quality tattoos *and* awesome clothing, all in one.

but my tattoo today isn’t from aitui, but rather is a new release from para designs. it’s so colorful and amusing (not sure what the design is actually supposed to be, lol) and if you’ve read my blog before, you know i’m a sucker for bright and cute sleeve tatts.

stare off into space

my hair today is from lamb. it’s new to me, but every time i ask around about “what are some good places for quality hair?”, someone inevitably says lamb. so i gave it a try.

maybe it’s just that i’m used to bright, white-like blonde.. but the blonde packs of hair i bought aren’t my typical color. they look a little too yellow to me, and didn’t have enough flexi-movement for my taste, but the textures as a whole and the designs of the hair were very nice indeed. it’s just personal preference after all and i know i am in the minority. now that i realize which styles are from lamb, i immediately recognize them as ones i’ve seen on avatars *all over the grid*.

so. today might not have been a good day thus far, but i’m hoping this evening turns out a little better.

and if not, there’s always more shoes for me to buy out there. new shoes always = better mood for me. what about you? 😉

holding my emo head up

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 18
hair; !lamb sour in butter
tattoo upper; para designs music bear
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; vive9 lucid blue (freebie)
piercings; kowp reverse
tee; aitui drop dead gorgeous in dark gray
skirt; hucci daisy denim skirt in dark wash
leggings; acid&mala @ black and blue fair holed leggings in black
shoes; ubu pornstar xtra hi-tops
nails; candy nail birthstone pearl (june picks gift)
necklace; pink inc porn star necklace
bracelets; loop bangles in charcoal

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