want a strawberry?

so i know my entry today is *ridiculously* late, but i had a… um…. busy day yesterday. *coughs*

and, to be honest, i liked this look so much i thought to hell with it and i’d blog it anyway… even a day late. cause it’s damn cute!

can barely see my feets

i wrote in a past entry that i love combining contrasts. girly frills with grungy texture, bright colors with dark accessories, and in the case of today’s yesterday’s look… long, baggy pants & a tight fitting corset in black with touches of vibrant color.

now, i saw these pants in another amazing blog and absolutely fell in *love*. from lelutka, these pants have awesome prim details. pockets, the fly, the wonderfully sculpted wide-legged cuffs… every single pixel of these jeans are sexy. i could not be happier with them and plan on practically living in them.

kinda looks like i’m naked!

i bought, the other day, the first *really good* package of strawberries from the grocery store. they were huge and bright red and so sweet i ate most of them right from the box. they immediately tasted like summer. so when i received this cute freebie from the favole subscribo called “teaserberry”, i knew i had to work it into my look somehow.

when someone else clicks your berry, cute and flirty little options pop up. my favorite action is the one called “trail”. 😉

/me bites down onto the chain harder.


because of the awesome bagginess of my pants, you can’t really see what i have on underneath. and no, i’m not talking about panties (cause i rarely wear any, ohhoho), i’m talking about *shoes*. fantastic shoes, at that. so i took off my pants just to show you these pumps!

fishnets are sexy

posing like this makes me feel like
the leg lamp from “a christmas story”.

wearing stockings and prim feet always seems to be an *either or* sorta deal. but with these shoes from baby monkey, as a GROUP GIFT(!!!!!) no less, you can wear both and look incredible. they include the stockings, the option to wear the shoes without the fishnet texture on the feet, color-changable soles and all the metallic pieces are color change as well.

i’ll admit, i might’ve gotten a little bit tingly in my naughty place when these were dropped in on me.

so yeah, cute enough to be blogged a day late.. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

i have claws

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; truth marnie streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; katatonik sakura storm tattoo sleeve
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercing; fallen style septum piercing (freebie)
top; fk virtues retro dreams corset in gray
pants; lelutka chaldea pants in black
heels; baby monkey ultimate dita fishnets
nails; hello dave @ black and blue fair color choice sculpted nails
necklace; pink inc tres diablo
bracelets; mandala summer pink bracelets (freebie)
mouth; favole teaserberry (subscribo gift)

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