i <3 friday

but it’s actually sunday?

nooo, see there’s a fantabulous sale going on at fri.day and i braved the immense lag to snatch up some amazing deals!

fierce jacket right?

now i usually don’t cover myself head-to-toe in one designer, even if they are all separates, but i bought *so much* from the fri.day sale that i had to work as much of it as i could into my look for today.

jacket, tank top, hair and boots are all from fri.day and i fucking love them!

better believe my knees are warm

i paired my fri.day goodies with some cute kneewarmers from league and a pair of shortshorts from hucci. but the real stars are the intricately sculpted military jacket and tank top on my upper body.

they are absolutely *flawless*. the shapes of the prim pieces are so realistic and the textures are fantastic. i can honestly say i will be braving the lag and huge crowds at fri.day to revisit the sale again.. especially for more of the tank tops. i love the way it looks!

shoes n nails

accessories this time (’cause you know i gotta show off my shoes, i always do!) are bangles from fishy strawberry, an *adorable* hot cocoa necklace from violet voltaire and nails from sdesigns.

now i love me some prim nails. i wear them all the time. other than tattoos and piercings (and shoes… and hair..), they are one of my biggest vices. and these nails are nice, and for the price are quite a bargain. they come with matching bangles (not shown), the attached rings, color-change nails and even the metallic pieces switch from gold to silver. and if there wasn’t a menu to switch it off, thank god there is, they also come with.. bling on the jewelry pieces. granted, every time you relog you have to turn the bling off, but i am so thankful there’s an option to do so! i do not likes the bling. otherwise, they’re very nice nails and i love the french manicures.

if you haven’t checked out the sale at fri.day, you should definitely do so! it only lasts until june 12th, so if you want to cash in on this wonderful sale (i didn’t see anything priced more than 200L!) then you’ve gotta act fast!

check out my necklace!

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza alyson sunkissed (group gift)
hair; fri.day deena in happy blonde
tattoo body; para designs the written word
lashes; tattanooga grand opening gift (freebie)
eyes; fallen style dkggreenblue
piercings; twee (xstreet only) apotheosis piercing
tank; fri.day traveler’s tank in brown
jacket; fri.day military jacket in silver
shorts; hucci denim shorts in blue
boots; fri.day journey boots in chocolate
nails; sdesigns aven rings + nails & bracelets
necklace; violet voltaire hot cocoa necklace
bracelets; fishy strawberry bangles in wood (freebie)
socks; league thermal kneewarmers in frayed gray

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