channeling my inner biker

pixelmode makes such fantastic shoes. my baby t heels get so much use, i should probably just super glue them to my feet. would certainly make things easier!

but my newest discovery, a pair of hot as *hell* boots that have a name very dear to my heart (the shortened version of my best friend’s name <3) called viv are suddenly giving my favorite heels a run for their money.

viv boots in jet
so ridiculously sexy.

my look today is more on the casual side. i was checking out the black and blue fair earlier and decided that i’d dress in a… “puttering around the grid” in comfy clothes (and amazing boots) sort of outfit.

head to toe

skinny jeans tucked into boots is still a favorite look of mine and my pants today, from hucci, make that look that much sexier. jeans so tight they look painted on, with swirling designs and a low waist… i suppose i don’t even have to *say* it makes my look that much sexier. 😉

tank tops and tattoos

layering tanks is not only cute, but when one is layering with tanks from onyx wear and sassy kitty, you know it’s gonna be hot as well. the longer tank is low cut enough to reveal just a little bit of the shredded & cropped tank underneath, and both leave enough skin exposed to show off colorful tattoo sleeves from *coughs* luck inc *coughs*

with the metal belt and yes, my awesome viv boots, i look like i need to be riding on the back of a purring harley davidson. shame i don’t know anyone that has a bike..

don't fuck with me

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 14
hair; ploom blahblahblah in swedish
tattoo upper; luck inc tell no tales
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lipgloss
eyes; vive9 gem shine blue eyes (freebie)
hod lure in obsidian
tank 1; onyx wear black tank top (lucky board prize)
tank 2; sassy kitty shredded tank in rockabily stripes grey (subscribo gift)
jeans; hucci gloss skinny jeans in midnight
boots; pixelmode viv boots in jet
nails; adam&eve @ the black and blue fair black and blue manicures (freebie)
necklace; phoenix rising time necklace limited hearts edition (previously free)
belt; acid&mala biker chain belt in kiss my ass

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