truth is killing me

honest to god, lol.

last week’s release of sylvia, and this week’s release of darla both make me happy. my wallet not so much…

love this hair omg

i immediately ran out, lag be damned, and bought the new truth hair in my beloved blonde. it’s so cute and with even more streaked options than sylvia had. love it.

since my hair, skin (50L(!!!!) from fhang candy btw), and tattoo choices were so bright and lovely today, i decided to choose more subdued colors for clothing.

smell my sneakers

today’s tee is from fishy strawberry. the pack of tees came with so many choices, but i picked the shirt with converse pictured on the front *and* back. cause i love me some converse.

shorts are from shampoo. i visited the store for the amazing group gifts (that are totally worth the trip alone), and saw these shorts that come with suspender clips (not worn) and had to have them. my killer tattoos from actchio are too awesome to cover up with pants, after all.

shorts and tatts

hucci, which is quickly becoming a favorite shop of mine, released some very cute flip flops. they are so summery and adorable with bow and flower decorations. i cannot resist the cute sometimes…

cute shoes!
complete with pedicure!

i love combining contrasts. cute and girly mixed with a little grunge, a little slutty (rofl), a little punk.. i think this look sums up fairly well my sense of style. if you could even call the way i dress “a sense of style”. perhaps you can, i dunno.

could always just call it, “the way i throw things together”. seems more appropriate!

will stab you with my nails

get the look yourself:
skin; fhang candy ida in tropical fuschia
hair; truth darla streaked in swedish
tattoo upper; actchio alan
tattoo lower; actchio love has many faces
tattoo face; iris ophelia (xstreet only) lashed
eyes; exodi look into my eyes in natural blue
piercings 1; star piercing moh (make him over hunt prize)
piercings 2; buried basic piercings lipring l (dollarbie)
tee; fishy strawberry bowie tee in gray, smell my sneakers
shorts; shampoo short pants suspender set in black
shoes; hucci flashy flip flop in black
fingernails && ring; candy nail #h9 studs (hunting 9 prize)
toenails; exodi manipedis in black
necklace; periquita cutting loose (subscribo gift)
bracelet; grasp leather bracelet (group gift)

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