finally feels like summer

and *i* feel like i am melting. D;

i am so ready for running around on the beach and going for a skinny dip in the pool and having a barbecue in the backyard… even if i’m slowly sweating myself to death, i was getting tired of the cooler weather.

so today, i dressed for the heat of the summer sun!

summer makes me giddy

no, that’s not actually a popsicle in my mouth but, erm, i suppose you could pretend it is? heh..

it’s actually a penis-shaped lollipop from concrete flowers. it may be backwards, with stick in my mouth instead of the candy, but it wasn’t as *blatantly obvious* the other way around. i like others to know i have a sugar penis in my mouth, thanks!

the tank from custom inkz is absolutely perfect for summer. not only does it come in a bunch of bright colors, it also can show off your, *ahem* best assets. or, in my case, show off your cute new bikini!

you like my lollipop?

the swimsuit is new from hucci and in my opinion, a bikini isn’t a bikini unless it’s as tiny as possible. the bottoms (not shown) are so sexy and indeed tiny, it leaves very little to the imagination. i like it that way.

now all i need is a beach towel and someone to help me rub on sunscreen.. hm..

charlie's angels?

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 14
hair; magika word in swedish
face tattoo; para designs star face tattoo (freebie)
body tattoo; luck inc sakura
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercings; hod fusion in obsidian
tank; custom inkz omg tank in purple
bikini; hucci thoia thoing in mono
shorts; candydoll smaxy shorts in skully
shoes; ninety nine high heeled sneaker in wild black
nails; pixelmode sculpted prim nails version 1
necklace; kanival dog tags (freebie)
bracelets; sassy kitty harlequin outfit, worn leather bracelets (hunt prize)
lollipop; concrete flowers candy stripe penis lolly

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