the handbags and the glad rags…

…that your poor old grandad had to sweat to buy…

i so totally shouldn’t know that song, but.. it’s fitting for this entry.

in second life, sometimes a store just sorta clicks with you. for me, glad rags is one such store.

criteria is usually…
– awesome clothing (check)
quality clothing (checkcheck)
– cute shop layout, it’s important! (cha-check)
– reasonable prices (quadruple check)
– a designer that’s talented and a sweetheart (checkcheckcheckcheckcheck!)

i own *so many* tees from glad rags. they’re bright and colorful and funny in a naughty sort of way. and i’m not the only one, either!

insert bff vivi

between the two of us, vivienne and i probably own 30 or more tees and other various pieces of clothing from glad rags. and we both wear the brand often in world. it’s like finding that *one* shirt at a department store that fits perfectly: you buy it in every single color available. that’s exactly the way she and i feel about glad rags.

and the fact that most of the designs on the tees crack us the fuck up probably has a lot to do with the love.

jump jump

with my tee (which reads “nothing says i love you quite like fisting”), i chose to pair it with a super short skirt and stockings from cynful. my shoes…

yes pornstars

…are pornstars. i *fucking love them*. so customizable, i could probably spend hours changing the fabric designs alone. i wish my rl chucks were this versatile, forreals. :/ there’s so much detail packed into these sneakers, too.

it's true
it’s true…

vivi finished her look (her tee reads, “i’m not mad, just ask my camel steven”) with a pair of jeans from envious creations (which offers fabulous deals on full outfits for reasonable prices, another fave of both of ours!) and the amazing biker boots from redgrave.

more redgrave heels

but just to show off, here are another couple of our favorite tees from glad rags:

moar glad rags
cock tease to the left, hello titty to the right

if you haven’t checked out glad rags yet, you should definitely do so! the entire shop just moved to a brand new location and the new store is pretty sweet… with lots of new releases!

get the looks yourself:
on vixxie (blonde hair):
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; ploom discordia in swedish
upper tattoo 1; luck inc tell no tales
upper tattoo 2; aitui nautical star wrists
lower tattoo; luck inc irezumi
eyes; sin skins luminous sage eyes
piercings; star piercing katja
tees; glad rags fisting tee (yellow) && hello titty tee (red)
skirt; cynful mini denim skirt in dark blue
stockings; cynful stockings bw (dollarbie)
sneakers; ubu pornstar xtra hi-tops
nails; risa’s tiger’s year
necklace; baby monkey bm initial on thong necklace in letter v
bracelet; boom plastic candy bangles in boring (tinted yellow to match)

on vivienne tailleur (pink hair):
skin; belleza alyson sunkissed (group gift)
hair; ploom blahblahblah in taffy
tattoo; katatonik sugar rush tattoo sleeve
eyes; eternity rose princess eyes light
piercings; phoebe *p* woman face piercings
tees; glad rags camel tee (tan) && cock tease tee (pink)
jeans; envious creations new elf jeans
boots; redgrave girl’s bikers in black
nails; exodi exodi manipedis in black
necklace; virtual attire dark elf outfit necklace
bracelets; envious creations punk rebellion jellies
belt; baby monkey bm snakeskin texture change belt

all snapshots were taken here, at a *free to use* photo studio with customizable backgrounds and poses included!

bff <3

thank you vivi for being sexy enough to pose with me
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  1. vivitailleur

     /  05/26/2010

    you’re welcome!! 😀

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