out of my comfort zone

but bright colors are appropriate for summer, aren’t they?

for today, i had two different inspirations:

1. kick ass heels from redgrave
2. group gift skins from exodi

lucky for me, they both include pink.

on mah knees

the skin is gorgeous. i am loving the bright pop of bubble gum pink on the lips. and as a gift, it’s quite generous. four skin tones, light and dark brows, *and* cleavage options. doesn’t get any better than that!

exodi gift skins

i’m currently wearing the tone called “cherry” and yeah, it’s hot.

redgrave heels

these heels from redgrave, i adore them. i bought them on impulse in pink and cyan. to be honest, most of my second life wardrobe is not pink and/or cyan, so to remedy this… i did a little more impulse buying. 😉

nails and skirt

my last two looks have included high-waisted skirts because i fucking *love them*. and this skirt from luck inc is so sexy it hurts. what’s better, it matches my heels!

my nails are from candy nail. so so bright, but awesome just the same. almost rainbow, but more neon, and totally fitting with the rest of my outfit.

bear necklace

this necklace is incredibly cute and is from glow studio at the dressing room. designer duds at discount prices is like music to my ears. and while i was there at the dressing room, i picked up something else bear inspired…

bear headband
/me stares into your soul

i don’t usually *do* so-cute-it-gives-me-nightmares, but i could not resist this headband. teddy bear ears, on my head. seriously, i had to have it. ❤

sexy back
get the look yourself:
skin; exodi lily v2 cherry (group gift)
hair; deviant kitties cupcake in deviant ink blonde (closing SOON now that ploom is open, gogogogogo now if you love DK hair like i do!)
tattoo; para designs superstar tattoo
eyes; redgrave venus blue
lip piercing; faux posh jeweled lip ring+snakebites
nose piercing; faux posh single gem nose stud in diamond
top; mischief sexy back halter in onyx (april group gift)
skirt; luck inc mini high waisted skirt in riot
heels; redgrave athelete heels in cyan&pink
nails; candy nail #p038 candy multi colorset
necklace; [ glow ] studio @ the dressing room diamond bear necklace
bracelets; boom plastic candy bangles in barbie
earrings; boom skinny plastic door knockas in lipstick
stockings; mirrors ribbon stockings in stripe w/ pink ribbons
headband; magic nook @ the dressing room grizzly baby headband

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