can’t spell coconut

without the letters “c”, “u”, “n” and “t”.

right? lol.

so today’s look is a little late. it’s technically already the 24th in my part of the world, but i was having some serious issues while tweaking my outfit. i’m still not 100% happy with it :/ and it annoys me, but whatever.

onto the look!

what did you call me?
can i just say now much i love this tee?

so first of all, i’ve actually got a couple freebies on. can you pick ’em out?

love soul nails

both my nails and my skirt are the freebies. and they are awesome freebies.

the nails are from love soul and are so amazing i could scream. i have a serious obsession with prim nails, especially long and claw-like, and i wear them constantly. these come with the nails *and* the ring in one. so cute. bows and green and stripes, yay. \o/ you can get your own pair from one of the lucky chairs in love soul, there’s also a pair of cute lavender nails in the second of two chairs there. go, right now. gogogogogoogogogogo–

the sexy high-waist skirt is from sassy kitty and was a gift from their subscribo. please, please don’t kill me if it’s not still available. but if it is! it comes in a bajillion different button colors and is just cute. love it.

sexy heels
sexiest heels ever.

i don’t wear these urban heels from roots nearly enough. the skin on the feet are a little tricky to tint if you don’t wear red queen skins, since these heels are optimized for that skin line, but they are so worth the effort. lots of different options to wear them and the stockings are included!

pose it gurlll

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; creatives jelly platinum
tattoo; luck inc irezumi tattoo
eyes; redgrave venus blue (freebie)
piercings; star piercing decosta
jacket; aoharu check long shirt in black
tee; LE cunt tee black
skirt; sassy kitty high waisted black skirt silver buttons (previous subscribo gift)
heels/stockings; roots 00H10003 urban heels
nails; love soul galism*lime (lucky chair prize)

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