don’t introductions suck?

fuck yes, they do.

so, sup.  i’m vixxie.


/me waves

i was inspired to start this blog because i stalk read so many other fabulous blogs that while are.. yeah.. pretty awesome, i never seem to find (m)any that cater to my own personal taste in “fashion”.

so why not cater my own blog to my personal taste?

yeah it’s a novel idea, sure.  and while i can’t really guarantee that i’ll update this daily, i’ll sure as hell attempt to anyway.  and it’ll be awesome, i can feel it!

but enough about that.. onto what’s important:  what *i’m* wearing.

i’m currently loving this look, and actually rockin’ it in world right now.

the full body

hot right?

luck inc is a favorite shop of mine, at least half of my inventory was made by ck winx.  the ankle cuffs and the shortshort skirt are from *linc* and even if they are pattern-irific, they still work together.  totally.

baby t heels

the look was totally inspired by the shoes — sexy baby t heels by pixelmode.  they’re so amazing, i can’t even stand it.

kick ass nails

these nails… as soon as i saw them from page 3, i knew i *had* to have them.  every single ring on my fingers come with the nails, as well as a second word ring that i opted not to wear, and come in literally about elevnty billion color combos.  love them to death.

and if you can’t see the word on my fingers, it says fuck, mmkay?

quit lookin' at my boobiespair all that with a wet tank from paperdoll, some nipple pasties from chicatique, some sexy accessories and the *to die for* new streaked hair from truth (that is so flouncy and bouncy and adorable when you walk), and you have what i like to call… typical vixxie.

get the look yourself:
skin; belleza elle blonde sunkissed 11
hair; truth sylvia streaked in swedish
tattoo; kanival phoenix
eyes; redgrave venus blue (freebie)
piercings; star piercing katja
tank; paperdoll wet tank in white
pasties; chicatique lushtie outfit in black/pink (lushtie top pasties *black*)
skirt; luck inc low rise mini jeans skirt in zebra grey
ankle cuffs; luck inc ruffled cuffs in snowleo
heels; pixelmode baby t plain in black
nails; page 3 pretty hands in attitude
necklace; noir*lily zombie*pearls necklace snake (zombie popcorn hunt prize)
bracelets; boom plastic candy bangles in black
panties; blacklace tangible dreams red velvet set

quit lookin' at my ass

the back is just as cute as the front.  😉

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  1. Lookin sharp girl! Lmao..

    Happy Anniversary!

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